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Canucks need more toughness

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well things will get nasty around the net this year and up front teams will be targeting the skilled guys...so send a message early canucks to other teams that it aint going be that way anymore..first 20 games so important..this is hockey not ringette...money side of things are done..now lets  see what we got....

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This is the toughest team iced in Vancouver in a long time. 


Ferland, Miller, Rousell, McEwan are all tough players that will drop the mits.  


Beagle, Pearson, Benn Myers and Bo are guys that are tough, strong and will occasionally drop the mits.  


Virtanen needs to play pissed off.  The Big Tuna needs to play like a Big Asshole to opposing teams.  Just like Big Bert did.  


But he has the tools to be a tough player.  


Our toughest player in many ways is Ep40.  The death stare says it all.  The skinny kid plays way bigger than he is.  He bites back.  


I suspect Quinn Hughes will be the same. 


So scrums will develop on plays where Ep40 and Qh43 push back.  Then players who are either tough, strong or both will be rushing in to protect these guys.  


Goldy won't be the winger for Brock and Ep40 anymore.  Ferland won't hug another player when someone tries to run Ep40.  


This is why I like Myers with Hughes.  Qh43 is going to embarrass veteran NHLers on a nightly basis.  Guys are going to take runs at him.  Those meatheads might think twice if a 6'7 giant player may be skating over to sort things out.  


Like Trymakin, Myers size alone can injure a player.  He's not a big fighter, but he could throw you across the room in anger without question.  


Could we get tougher, sure.  But we just got alot tougher.  Let's see how this works out prior to adding even more players.   

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Great thread. The Canucks added JT Miller and Mike Ferland to their top 6 who are both heavy, physical wingers along with Jordie Benn and 6’7 Tyler Myers on the backend. Like, what more can you ask for in an offseason of trying to beef up? 

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