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[GDT] Wings @ Nucks - Oct 15 2019 - 7pm PST

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Sucks how we have to wait, and have our start be so delayed between games at the first. What's worse is that teams, including ours, don't need extra time off this time of year. In fact, especially for Boeser, players need to get initial games behind them to get fully conditioned.  So other teams are ahead of us in that regard.

And on the flip side, our games will now be condensed into the remaining schedule time.  Sure not by a lot, but who knows how that extra back to back or two will affect us come March or April?  Rant off.


Go Canucks Go!!!

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8 minutes ago, Viper007 said:

Who makes those ratings ... Larkin better than Pettersson?  I strongly disagree!

I've been curious how those rankings work. Maybe they are this season only? Larkin has had a better start than Pettersson. Larkin also had a great, arguably better season last year.

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