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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Dallas Stars | Nov. 19, 2019

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-Vintage Canuck-

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1 minute ago, DontMessMe said:



The draft is deeper than 2015. and a sexy top 2 :D we winnin #3 pick. CALLIN IT. 

You've been doing this for 5 years now, tanking will not solve our problems. This isn't NHL 20. With our luck we won't win any lottery anyway, so who cares.

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Colorado spanked us with a crippled roster. 

Injuries aren’t an excuse. 


Dallas has spanked us around. 


The next few games are going to be...? 


Benning has some work to do. 

Or maybe he does nothing and the Canucks pull of a Blues and win the Cup. 



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3 minutes ago, Bertuzzi44ever said:

Great? You need to look up what great is in the dictionary. Hutton makes half what myers does less then half and has better numbers....ON LA


3 minutes ago, kingofsurrey said:

Myers is not a top pairing D on any team in the NHL.

He should be a 5 or a 6 D man. 

They're out there against every teams top line.

Remember when we were winning games? They were a big reason why.

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8 minutes ago, Jam126 said:

What separates a team like the Coyotes from us is they have a competent coach and are willing to play hard every shift from beginning to end. We are not even engaged, and coach Ruffalo is a soft coach who has a stale coaching staff implementing stale systems. I've never seen any other team in the NHL defend like the Canucks do. I mean, who just allows the opponent to simply stroll into the o-zone without resistance? It's embarrassing! This team simply does not care.

I'm amazed at how soft we are on defence. There was a play just inside our blue line where the Stars player stopped with the puck to gain better control of it. A Canuck forward came in skating hard to back check but when he saw the Star player stop up, i kid you not, the canucks player skated around him (god forbid he bumps him) and then tried to check him after skating around the player. Are we that soft that we'd rather skate around a player who has the puck and tjen poke our stick at him rather than just skating straight and hitting him? 

And the way we back up on defence? Its mind blowing. Why bother taking away the ice? 

Man Baumer, Newell, Green, thrse guys are all getting on my nerves lol

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2 minutes ago, Cup2022 said:

Wow chill young team taking some lumps seems to me last year we had been blown out three or four times by now first time this year? I love this team EP Brock Bo Hughes only going to get better

Which is fine, but why is our PP zone entry/set up the same as when the Sedins were here(Hughes drop passes, Hughes/Pettersson/Boeser plays hot potato with puck)? It doesn't matter who we have, it's how we deploy them. And right now, our deployment is questionable and it's costing us games. 

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18 minutes ago, Tystick said:

Leivo on the 5v3 is unacceptable.

I like Green and Leivo, but that was a terrible decision.

Dallas commentators thought that Horvat, Leivo and Edler were the 3 best Canucks.  Go figure.  What do they know?

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6 minutes ago, 6string said:

I KNEW IT! That is why I asked who were out on the 5/3! ( tuned in late ).


I had a gut feeling it wasn't our best, who was out JT Miller because he looked invisible for the first time this year.

I don't understand the logic behind it when we should be loading up the unit with our top talent.

Puts the odds massively in our favor.

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