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[Proposal] Re-sign Sedins | #stealthecup

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It would be the story for the ages. I say go for it ... but what do you do with Leivo, Peasron, Loui, and Ferland?


You know they're in shape and they could probably still play. 


Sedin Sedin Miller

Hughes Petterson




The passing would make even Canucks fans sick. :canucks:

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2 hours ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

I'm starting to think it would be a good annual tradition to lock this section of the board over the holidays. Nuthin' but crazies lately.

Best proposals are done in the Trades/Rumors section when a rumor thread crops up anyway. May as well just close this section up permanently. :ph34r: 

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10 hours ago, BANDWAGON.00 said:

How about we sign the Sedins for a million each for the 2020/2021 season. Put them on the second line. Off season training in Sweden. #stealthecup


"If we are going to win a Stanley Cup, if we are going to achieve our dream, we'd only want it to be in Vancouver," wrote Daniel Sedin. 


It’s not too late. No shame in coming out of retirement and winning a cup. 


And all this falls under the assumption we don’t win the cup this year; which could very well happen.


I want to be mean to you but I'm not going to be for 2 reasons.  I may know you on your main account.  It's Christmas.

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