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Mafia: Indiana Jones - Raiders

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Mafia: Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Mafia)


Welcome to Mafia: Indiana Jones. This will be a closed setup mafia game. No PMing, few roles depending on the amount of players, and some scum hunting.




This will be a closed setup game intended for 12-15 people (more are welcomed though). Will adjust the roles depending on the amount of players.


Round Layout:

The 1st Round of the game will last 48 hours, then drop to 24 hour cycles upon the start of Round 2 and onwards. Rounds will close at 10:00PM Pacific Time and begin again upon the host's announcement after nightfall. All actions must be submitted before nightfall as well.


Game Setup:

For me to know and you to find out ;)



There is No PMing, and no asking me to kill yourself to let your team gain an advantage...all other standard rules apply.


You MUST vote every round...failure to do so will result in a God-Kill or substitution (up to the host's discretion)


All other Standard Rules apply.


Have fun!

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