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[Report] Sharks claim Jonah Gadjovich off waivers

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7 minutes ago, Crimson said:

I don't get the outrage.  People should be happy that we aren't penciling him in as our second line winger...

I think we had him at 4W or 3 at best...

Funny we are having a meltdown over a bottom 6 prospect (who might have hit top 6 if everythhing in his career worked out) 

Main reason for this is that he is a home grown prospect and we saw him through his development and now that he is pushing for an NHL spot, we dump him.

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Gadj looked promising.  Big and a net presence.  Improved skating. Can get greasy goals.  Perfect for 3rd/4th line.  I guess Green thinks he lacked defensive awareness. 


Good Luck Gadj (except when playing against the Canucks).

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Gadjovich showed some smart plays, that behind the net pass out front for a goal, and he scored a goal. I thought he looked better than previous years and maybe he was finally on his way. This is really surprising. He was cheap too, would've been perfect on that 4th line.

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2 minutes ago, CanucksJay said:

Why was he on the ice when we waived him yesterday?

Were they hoping he cleared and he continues to practice wth the team?


Really stupid if they thought that...

You can be waived and still be on the NHL roster.  They do it for future flexibility/certainty if they decide to send him to the AHL.

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9 minutes ago, Rindiculous said:

I don’t know why we waived him yesterday and not wait until the beginning of the season.  So much less likely he would get claimed.  This makes me question whether Green or Benning had a convo with Gadj saying that he won’t make our roster but wanted him to play in the NHL so they waived him early

Timing only matters if there is someone else that SJ may have preferred to claim more than Gadjovich.  If he is a guy they truly feel will fit in their plans, they probably would have claimed him anyways.

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3 minutes ago, aGENT said:


I do, I just believe there were others who could have been cut before him, and like I posted earlier, this move could have been more strategic.


If he goes to waivers again and we can pick him up that’d be great. He was one of the few prospects that was really putting it all together. 

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1 minute ago, Devron44 said:

Never mind Highmore. Chaisson the guy that’s been gifted no 1 PP time from the hop on a flippin PTO

In all fairness, if I recall I think Chiasson was used on Edmonton's PP unit to stand in front of the net ... even when McDavid and Draisatl were on the ice.

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