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Have you given up on this season. Let's take a poll!

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Is the season over? Yes, No, Maybe?  

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2 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

Self explanatory have you given up on this season? Yay or nay? Maybe? Too early too tell? Ask me again in another 10 games?


Anyone who has already given up on this team is not a true fan. Way to early to call the season a write off. I recall a St. Louis team a few years back that were, for all intents and purposes, out of the playoff picture and stormed back after the new year with a 24-6-4 record and went on to win the cup.

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2 minutes ago, Master Mind said:

Mathematically, we're too far behind after losing our first 7 games.


The odds of us coming back and making the playoffs are very slim. It's much more likely we'll climb to a spot just outside the playoffs, which is the worst possible outcome.


I'd rather see us finish near the bottom, get a top prospect, and plan for a better future.

I like watching games and seeing the canucks win. If they make the playoffs thats great, i would love it.


If they don't make the playoffs i hope they finish last

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24 minutes ago, Coconuts said:

I hate when this gets thrown around, gatekeeping fandom is garbage. 

Regardless of whether you hate it or not, is irrelevant. Sure, they had a crappy start, but it's way too early to write the season off. 

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