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[discussion] forum closure

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Ted Lasso

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5 minutes ago, Roberts said:

I know, it's just unfortunate to lose our history on here. :(

That saying , once you’ve posted something on the internet it’s there forever. Not so in the cancel culture era. They can’t handle negativity or criticism. Similar to the republicans wanting to not teach black history in schools , as if it never happened. Eliminate the whole thing. It’s not like it was a cost issue. This is a black eye for the org. 

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51 minutes ago, chon derry said:

They didn’t like the criticism ?  If the majority of people see something that’s amiss, and the powers that be can’t handle that reality, and decide to cancel it all together, then it further makes them look even stupider notwithstanding the very first issue that doesn’t change from being stupid, in the first place. We are talking about suites in a boardroom that don’t quite understand that 99.999% of the posts made on CDC were actually positive about the organization. If the whole thing was cancelled to some negativity they read  then congratulations on your dumbass decision. But @-DLC- was bang on about worry more about the on ice product. Quit micro managing the off ice product. You can’t change reality , but you can certainly have a little more self awareness in your managment style though. 

Don't wanna go deep on the analysis-bent..this crap's all emotional for us now. But it seems today integrity is out the window, & systems/narratives are more important to control. Individuals are usually pretty decent & honest. Organizations? Seems the larger they are, more likely they're compromised. From Hollyweird to a zombified, hollowed-out music industry, to over-F***ing-paid pro athletes..what is there of notable quality that you can enjoy MORE than generations past?


So the middle-aged blokes like you & I eventually tire of the watered-down song & dance. We spend more times with loved ones, personal hobbies & organizing sock drawers. By this time, another gullible generation jumps into the fray, with new cars, sweet dates, big aspirations & all that usual nonsense. TPTB target that group(THEY $pend more), & shuffle the older fans to the F***ing periphery.

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3 hours ago, BlakeQuinnAndEggs said:

It's cancel culture. There can be some suggestive posts made here around current events that one could feel as offensive. I know I've made a few.


The team is covering its ass.


But as others have said a fan run forum is probably for the better. We are all gonna call CFF CDC still most likely anyway.

Bingo. I never thought of it that way. The company is covering it's ass legal wise. 



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53 minutes ago, RakuRaku said:

... Anyone knows why it's happening?? Very upsetting news as I come here for juicy rumours.


As Blakequinn suggested , it's most likely some kind of legal liability concern. Not that anything has happened but maybe something in the future. But how is it different than an official Twitter acct that fans post in ? I dunno. The lawyers would know. 

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