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CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2020 (win prizes)

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CDC Celebrity Dead Pool 2020


Pick 20 famous people you think might die in 2020.

Deaths must be confirmed by a web link.

In case of a tie, the winner will be the one with the lowest collective ages (of death).

Do not edit your submission (beyond it's original submission date) or it will be disqualified.

Make your submissions anytime from today through 2020. Deaths before your submission date will not count.


Note This is a Celebrity Dead Pool. You cannot simply select people just because they are old. They must be famous for something other then being old.


People up for state sponsored execution (death row) and hostages are excluded.


Important note - You may not kill anyone on your list or your entry will be disqualified. :frantic:




This year's winner will be awarded an Alex Mogilny Upper Deck rookie card and a Kirk Mclean Topps rookie card. 


The runner up will receive a Mike Modano Upper Deck rookie card.


The cards are  pictured below.



The cards are in mint condition.


Once the contest closes the winner will be contacted via private message on CDC and the cards will be shipped wherever they like.


If you played the game in the last 2 years you get a heads up for this year's game. @Bill Sikes @gurn @goalie13 @McIlhargey the Lesser @canuckpuckluck15 @Salacious Crumb @smithers joe @Cerridwen @Shift-4 @CowBoyCoyote @73 Percent @Darkstar @falcon45ca


Link to last year's pool .....




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I think I won this the first year you did it lol.


1. Betty White

2. Mick Jagger

3. Harrison Ford

4. Bill Russell

5. Bernie Sanders

6. Ronnie Coleman

7. Bob Barker

8. Willie Nelson

9. Paul McCartney

10. Vince Scully

11. Donald Trump

12. Lil Uzi Vert

13. Lil Tecca

14. Travis Scott

15. Billy Joel

16. Bruce Springsteen

17. Young Thug

18. Post Malone

19. DJ Khaled

20. Tekashi 69

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10 minutes ago, BoKnows said:

I think I won this the first year you did it lol.


If I remember correctly you scored an amazing 7/20.


I was worried the police were going to contact you. :lol:

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4 minutes ago, Shift-4 said:

Due date Dec 31 @ 11:59PT?

You can enter the game anytime through 2020. You'll just be late to the game and some scoring may have already happened.


Just like in hockey, scoring first is better.

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1...norman lloyd

2...olivia dehavilland

3...kirk douglas

4... martha hunt

5...earl cameron

6...marge champion

7...nehemiah persoff

8...betty white

9...janice page

10...carl reiner

11...lee marvin

12...glynis johns

13...larry storch

14...henry kissinger

15...howie meeker

16...rhonda fleming

17...bob dole

18...arlene dahl

19...pete babando

20...hal holbrook

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2020 List

  1. Linda Nolan
  2.  Prince Phillip
  3. Dick Van Dyke
  4. Keith Richards
  5. Tommy Chong
  6. Olivia Newton John
  7. Olivia de Havilland
  8. Tom Long
  9. Vera Lynn
  10. Angela Lansbury
  11. Bob Newhart
  12. Kirk Douglas
  13. Norman Lloyd
  14. Pierre Cardin
  15. Betty white
  16. Larry King
  17. Tony Bennett
  18. Beverly Cleary
  19. Jerry Stiller
  20. Alex Trebek


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Prince Phillip

Kirk Douglas

Bob Barker

Olivia De Havilland

Ed Asner

Betty White

Howie Meeker

John Astin

Tommy Lasorda

Eva Marie Saint

Olivia Newton John

Kenny Burrell

Dick Van Dyke

Mel Brooks

Angela Landsbury

Billy Connolly

Jerry Lee Lewis

Nichelle Nichols

Cloris Leachman

Bill Wyman

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Roberta McCain
Kirk Douglas
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Bob Barker
Bob Dole
Vera Lynn
Alex Trebek
Bill Cosby
Carl Reiner
Jimmy Carter
R. Kelly
Pope Benedict XVI
Jerry Lee Lewis
Tommy Lasorda
Don King
Jerry Stiller
Larry King
Betty White
Sean Connery

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1,   Prince Philip

2.   Jimmy Carter

3.   Bob Barker

4.   Olivia de Havilland

5.   Alex Trebek

6.   Kirk Douglas

7.   Ruth Bader Ginsburg

8.   Henry Kissinger

9.   Bob Dole

10. Norman Lloyd

11. Vera Lynn

12. Earl Cameron

13. Marsha Hunt

14. Suzy Delair

15. Baby Peggy

16. Dusty Anderson

17. Doris Merrick

18. Marge Champion

19. Nehemiah Persoff

20. George Shultz

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1. 6ix9ine

2. Prince Phillip 

3. Queen Elizabeth 

4. Prince Andrew

5. Conor McGregor 

6. Bill Shatner

7. Nichelle Nichols

8. Hulk Hogan 

9. Patrick Stewart 

10. Buzz Aldrin

11. Harrison Ford

12. Betty White

13. Kirk Douglas

14. Paul Manafort 

15. Angela Lansbury

16. Wilford Brimley 

17. Alex Trebek

18. Jimmy Carter

19. Vince McMahon

20. Andrew Lloyd Weber

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I swear people have been naming Kirk Douglas and Olivia De Havilland for years in this thread.  Immortal people, innit?


1.  James Lipton

2.  Bette Midler

3.  Lil Pump

4.  Jesse Ventura

5.  John Muckler

6.  Michael Douglas

7.  Mark Hamill

8.  Scotty Bowman

9.  Brigitte Bardot

10.  Jean Chretien

11.  David Attenborough

12.  Ke$ha

13.  James Cameron

14.  John Lydon

15.  Alice Walker

16.  Jeff Foxworthy

17.  Yo-Yo Ma

18.  Mitch McConnell

19.  Morrissey

20.  Norman Jewison


Hope I go 0/20 but I'd also like to see if I'm un prophete.

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32 minutes ago, smithers joe said:

drats, just learned that red schoendienst died last year. i’m such a dim bulb.

We don't always hear about them, I was going to put Ed Bickert on my list, but I checked just to make sure of his age and found out he passed away in February of this year

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1 Alex Trebek

2 Mel Brooks

3 Prince Phillip

4 Kirk Douglas

5 Alan Alda

6 Howie Meeker

7 Harry Neale

8 Carl Reiner

9 Bob Barker

10 Carol Burnett

11 Henry Winkler

12 Jimmy Carter

13 Bob Dole

14 Bob Cole

15 William Shatner

16 Michael Caine

17 Olivia de Havilland

18 Betty White

19 Donald Trump

20 Bob Newhart

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2 hours ago, smithers joe said:

drats, just learned that red schoendienst died last year. i’m such a dim bulb.

Feel free to make a substitution. Game has not started yet. :)

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  1. Kirk Douglas

  2. Prince Phillip

  3. Tony Bennett

  4. Howie Meeker

  5. Bob Barker

  6. Angela Lansbury

  7. Ronnie Hawkins

  8. Larry Storch (F-Troop actor)

  9. Cicely Tyson

  10. Charlie Pride

  11. Cloris Leachman

  12. Jerry Lee Lewis

  13. Jean Chrétien

  14. Little Richard

  15. Jim Conacher (Former Redwing/Ranger/Blackhawk)

  16. Dr. Ruth Westheimer

  17. Sidney Poitier

  18. Kim Novak

  19. Don Cherry

  20. Yoko Ono


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Replaced a Decomposer (Herman Wouk) with a still living counterpart
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