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Your most favorite to least favorite Canadians team


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The question speak for it self which of the seven Canadian team is you fav or you hate them so much that you wish they would move to Greenland lol my list go as follows

Vancouver I love Vancouver go nucks go!!!

Montreal best hockey asmosphere in the league

and I love their history my 2nd fav team

Winnipeg 3rd fav team again great fans and happy they got hockey back

Ottawa good team I respect their players

Edmonton don't really like how their fans think they have the 80s oilers back with all these young studs when their d and goaltending is average

Calgary don't really like their core now and their gm is at best a khl14 be a gm mode but hope they do get better to pump our rivery up

My least fav is Toronto they players are the most overrated , overpayed and their fans although passionate they over do it sometimes and act like the cup is their to lose every year

What your list

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1. Vancouver - obviously

2. Montreal - like their heritage, and their players

3. Ottawa - like their players

4. Toronto - don't like their media, but I'm forced to watch games with my friends that are leaf fans so I try to like them

5. Winnipeg - don't mind them, I don't like how they try to be everyone's 2nd favourite team, but oh well

6. Calgary - they're not even a threat anymore, so I don't mind them now

7. Edmonton - don't care for anything involving that organization

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