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[Trade] Jaromir Jagr to Panthers

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Heard on either Team 1040 or from the intermission panel that Boston plays Florida three more times this season. 6 huge points on the line there. They also said Jagr wasn't happy with the ice time he got against Boston so some added motivation for him in those games. I hope it gets Florida in. Oh well though, neither Boston nor Florida have a chance in hell of doing anything in the playoffs.

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Funny thing about this move is if he plays with Barkov and Huberdeau, as suggested above, it would force him back to being the hired gun he was 10 years ago. It sounds exciting. But I don't think he has the speed for that anymore. Huberdeau and Barkov both love to handle the puck.

Jagr also loves the puck on his stick. It is so hard to knock him off the puck!

I would speculate Jagr will be the wizard who plays with Jokinen and Bjugstad. They can both fly! And snipe. Their skills are just begging for a wing who is good on the wall, with strong passing and puck possession skills. Just a better match IMO.

Jokinen Bjugstad Jagr

Huberdeau Barkov Hayes

Fleischman Trochek Boyes

Upshall Bolland Thornton


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It will be dangerous to see what Bjugstad can learn to do playing with JJ.

He has the kind of size and speed Jagr had when he was 20. He does also have an extremely dangerous shot. But that puck control, the ability to shield off defenders while still having the strength to make plays is something he may able to learn. Plus the nuances of where and when to take a play.

Much like Burrows learned to become a great passer playing with the Twins. But in a vastly more exciting package.

Barkov will also learn to harness something he already has, sort of, but has not figured out at the NHL level yet... JJ has the gamesmanship, Barkov similar skills.

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