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Kinda curious to see what kind of coffee here everyone drinks and what they put in it.

Personally I just drink an americano with a shot of sugarfree hazelnut, Nothing earth shattering.

If I make it at home I usually have bags of either JJ Bean railtown, Dunkin Donuts original, tim hortons dark roast, seattles best, folgers, or cafe bustelo's beans if I decide to pull out the espresso maker. Recently tried nestle's instant espresso powder and it was surprisingly very good.

Any suggestions for new coffee based drinks to try?

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I drink Tims or McDs at home..I find McDs has pretty good coffee...always hot and fresh and tastes pretty good for generic..I like it with half and half as well ...with small sugar..trying to cut back..no frothy coffee drinks for me....My friend lives in Hawaii and has a small coffee plantation on the big Island..he is going to be here at the end of July and he is bringing me a couple of bags of his Kona..its not cheap..35 buck a pound..time for a treat...


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I love the smell of coffee - just can't drink it - tastes awful to me.

Basically this.. I like the smell of a fresh roast, but don't like the taste nor can I handle it lol..

I instantly get jittery and my heartrate begins to go up and then I go in a mania type of anxiety..

Last time I had coffee I had to take a nap just to calm down.

Which is weird because it never happens to me when I consume other caffeinated beverages.

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I buy whichever is on sale, except folger's or maxwell house, then I brew each pot french press style...which is to say I put a pot of water on the boil, scoop 4 heaping tablespoons of coffee into a large carafe, pour in the boiling water & let seep 5-10 minutes, then pour & filter each cup...it's amazing & super fast & easy.

Add cream & sugar as desired.

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