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1 minute ago, Stanky Legs said:

No. Just support and encouragement with words for your brethren. Hard times ahead. 

Doesn't the CDC provide that without the need for a special group? Hard times behind too. No tanks.

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36 minutes ago, DoughtysCheck said:

If we get Matthews or Puljujarvi this season, we become instant contenders for next season.
Trade either Horvat/Virtanen/McCann for a defensive player of similar caliber (Vatanen/Fleury/Pouliot)


Baertschi-Horvat-Vrbata/UFA (Lucic?)






Hamhuis-(Defensemen traded from Virtanen/UFA)


There is no way Virtanen gets traded. No way. Benning would look like an idiot and pretty much be admitting he is playing by the seat of his pants.

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I will agree that tanking is one way to get good players, but it's also the riskiest. Anything can happen to any player at any time, but once you add in the x factor of talent uncertainty (players don't live up to the hype), it seems like a better, safer bet to go with established players. I'm with the re-tool crowd...but it needs to be a serious re-tool (not just adding cheap and easy to get 3rd liners). We need to dump some overpaid players to free up cap space, and make a serious run at some upcoming UFA's that are in that 24 to 28 year old range. Why not try and get say a Kopitar or trade for Johansen or something along those lines.

Here's the thought process behind this:

You draft a high pick or 2 in the hopes that they turn into Anze Kopitar / Alex Goligoski / Keith Yandle type player. The chance of drafting that player, then having that player lead you to a SC while still on his ELC are slim. So you're probably going to be waiting until he is making some serious coin before you make that run anyways. So why not jump start that process and grab say Kopitar and Yandle now, while we still have the Sedins, and be a serious threat with a good top 6 F, a good top 4 D and Miller. Keep it together for a couple years while we wait for the next gen to develop and stay a serious contender for a few years instead of waiting to hopefully be one in a few years.

Just my 1/5 of a dime...so just to be clear, I'm anti-tank (get it?...ha!)

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1 minute ago, DoughtysCheck said:

uh... if he was offered a defensive player aged 20-23 that fits our core, 100% he would do it. 

We will have to agree to disagree. Which is perfectly fine. Benning is a draft guy. I think we all agree. I just can't see him bailing on his own pick like that. I would bet it's a matter of personal pride. Many people would argue there were a couple better picks at that spot. No I think Virtanen is on Benning's no touch list.

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18 minutes ago, Noseforthenet said:

You know, honestly I am good on any pick in the top 5. Each of those players seem pretty damn solid. Matthews, Pulljarvi, Laine, Chychrun, or that other Fin d-man who was a rock for them on the back end in the world juniors. Any one of those guys would be money.

You mean Olli Juolevi? He's pretty damn effing good.

I was on the Matthews train, however, since we aint outlasting Buffalo/CBJ, i'll happily take the 3rd-7th overall and potentially draft Puljujarvi, Laine, Tkachuk, Chychrun, and Juolevi.

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2 minutes ago, Odd. said:

You mean Olli Juolevi? He's pretty damn effing good.

I was on the Matthews train, however, since we aint outlasting Buffalo/CBJ, i'll happily take the 3rd-7th overall and potentially draft Puljujarvi, Laine, Tkachuk, Chychrun, and Juolevi.

Yes! Exactly!!! At this point, I would be sending a few more scouts to Finland because it looks like we are likely to be drafting in that general area.

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1 hour ago, Kevin Biestra said:

I'm totally prepared and braced for a terrible season and a high pick.  I'm fine with it.

I'm also fine with squeaking into the playoffs.  I just hope to god that we don't just barely miss the playoffs.

I have very similar feelings. Also, if we are going to flame out (sorry for pun, but Calgary just passed us the standings) I want to do it early so that Benning can trade vets for picks at the deadline. The way things are going he won't get as much as we might have hoped, but Vrby should still be worth a 2nd round pick and Benning might get another second or a third somewhere.

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Firstly, loser points suck!

I have two solutions:

Least desireable: 3 point games.

Most desirable: 3 on 3 unlimited OT, winner gets 2 points, loser none, how many games would go past 10 minutes (What OT and shootout takes now)

Secondly: No pro would ever want to tank, to get to the NHL you are one of the best in the world and throwing games would go against everything you believe in. Sorry, but only losers would ever want to lose.

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Hi Guys

Just me.....I am sure I am not the only one saying this for the past 2 years, but it sure feels good to get some support! I took some pretty big hits in the first year. And some posters just blocked me for my opinions, yet some agreed with me. As this year has unfolded I have continued to remain consistent in my message.

This is all about asset management, and loosing UFA's for nothing, and selling high when aging veteran players have career years, IMO Benning has blundered terribly on this one factor.....you all know it

2014-2015 Matthais-career year-walks, Richardson solid defensive player-walk

2014 Vrbata 35+ goals, Dan Hamhuis declining in talent yet still worth a solid 1st

2015-2016 Hansen Career year and Edler having another solid year 30

Now I still think there is a lot of value there, and the prospects and picks Benning could acquire for these assets would set us up nicely, maybe not as well as last year, but certainly it would give us all those and cap...........aka UFA;s

The cap for the 4 remaining players, would be in the tune of  $17,000,000, which could be use in the UFA market for 2 topend one if you wish, but just moving those 4 would add IMO, at the very least 2016-mid 1st, an  A-prospect, and 2 late firsts(or Multiple 2nds)

Along with Columbus's 2nd (which we might have to pay a little for) We would set up with 2 1st, an A-Prospect, and 4 or 5 second, these would be fine building blocks, and along with the lower point total we more than likely have this year, we would be pushing the rebuild 2 or 3 year ahead..............

These are thing I have been saying for months now.............I would love a little love for me taking one for the team continually, but if you don't feel I deserve it, that is ok too!..........

I found this interesting site you may want to visit, it seems to be up dated nightly, and does a much better job than NHL.com Team Stats for what it is worth......


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