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PP woes...

Junkyard Dog

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2 minutes ago, The 5th Line said:

We don't need the Sedins and Gagner on the same unit, ever, they are all play makers and they have become stagnant and predictable.  I'd start by switching up the Sedins but even that isn't going to make much of a difference.  We lack elite, dynamic snipers and/or an elite powerplay defenceman.  


5 powerplays in the first period and we only manage 1 shot on goal?  How is that even possible?  

I am thinking if you are keeping the Sedins on the PP then they need to be with skill/speed. 2 slugs(I say that with due respect) are enough, 3s a company, sorry not sorry Vanek.


We should call up Goldobin with Eriksson possibly out. Hell, I'd call him up if only to try him out on the PP alone. Granny can play with the Sedins, he's a smart player with a shot. Pouliot can be given the chance to QB a PP.





Embracing my inner internet hockey coach. Maybe set up in an umbrella style with Pouliot up top with Goldy to his left and Granny on his right. Sedins can move the puck behind the net then once it gets towards the point they can get in front of the net. Keep it simple and get the puck on net(hopefully with the goalie screen) and capitalize on rebounds if there are any, nothing cute. Shots, shots, shots!!!


That should be the 2nd unit. There's a lot of things you could do with the other one. Either way, there have to be changes.


The lack of a PP defenseman and snipers is concerning. We gotta make due with what we got... for now...

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So bad. So so bad. Our power play is awful, we are actually better 5 on 5 than on the power play. If I was the other team I would just take penalties all night long, it's anemic and just downright embarrassing. Hutton shouldn't be on it, Pouliot and Del Zotto should be the 2 D men, maybe even have 2 D men because these short handed goals against are just brutal. Pouliot or Del Zotto with Tanev or Stetcher, Sedin/Sedin/Boeser on one unit, Horvat/Vanek/Burmistrov on the other. 

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- Scratch the 4 forwards layout

- Demote the Sedins to the second unit

- First unit: Granlund - Horvat - Vanek - Pouliot - Stecher

- Second unit: Sedin - Sedin - Boeser - Del Zotto - Gudbranson (net presence)

- pass it to the point and let them fire away

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I'd say splits the twins!!!


Hank will be the playmaker on one unit. Add the shooter in Boeser, and the front man in the crease Eriksson (can't understand why the Canucks still haven't figured out that's his place to be!) while letting Granlund lurk up at the blueline together with del Zotto.


The second unit will be Horvat, Baer, Gagner, Vanek and Stech.

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It's simple. Inject some creativity and send traffic to the net.


i'd like to see Virtanen-Horvat -Boeser   Stecher-Dz


and Baertschi-  Granlund- Vanek (Sutter first to take face off) along  with Tanev -Hutton .



on the horvat unit you have speed and skill. Players that can gain the zone and maintain possession and also all three have great shots. The pp should be moving freely as necessary and in order to exploit opportunities. Jake would do well on the down low plays and in front of the net blocking the goalies sights and banging in rebounds. Horvat and Boeser need to distribute the puck for one timers and proceed to  creep down to clean up loose rebounds. At least one of the dman should also put on pressure and clean up rebounds.


Same thing on the second unit, after Sutter wins the face off and he goes off, his replacement  vanek should go  to front and hopefully Bae & Granny can create enough shots towards the net to allow Vanek to do what he does best and that's to clean up rebounds.


third option could be Sedins with Sutter and one of the pp d pairings mentioned above. 


The theme for the power play should be quick movement of the puck,players changing spots/sneaking into open areas, and shots (one timers or creating lanes then wristing it on net. 

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When we had Kesler  and Burrows we were a two trick pony, which worked. Get either one the puck from the hash marks and up for a shooting chance. Keslers right handed one timer is how we should be using Brock. Get that kid the puck, with some time, and he’ll let off his dangerous shot. Repeat. Last nights power play was disgusting to watch. The power play can win you games and that needs to be taken into consideration seriously. Even if we lose 5-4, with a couple PP goals it’s much much more exciting to watch

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We need to make it nice and simple with the forwards. 1 passer, 1 screen and 1 shooter. At the points we need 1 passer who can play give and go with the forward passer, and one guy with a good shot.


For me, I would not have the twins on the same PP, or put Daniel on a point. We need to keep it simple. Something like this:


Boeser (shooter) - Horvat (screen) - Gagner (passer)

Pouliot (passer) - Stecher (shooter)


Vanek (screen) - Henrik (passer) - Granlund (shooter)

Del Zotto (shooter) - Daniel (passer)


Baertschi (passer) - Sutter (shooter) - Virtanen (screen)

Hutton (passer) - Tanev (shooter now)


We need to get away from so much down low passing and cycling on the PP between two forwards. If you want to pass it around, back to the point to switch it otherwise go straight to the shooter for a shot with a screen in front. Otherwise, back to the passer on the point who can set up a point shot or some sort of shot on the other side.


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I think we need to tear down the PP and start all over.

Firstly, we need to get possession from the faceoff in the other team's zone. Far too often we lose the faceoff and have to chase the puck down in our zone and have great difficulty reentering the zone with possession. We need to be better at getting possession right from the faceoff. How many times did Henrik get thrown out of the dot last night? he seemed to get tossed to start every PP and that has to change.

Secondly, we need to establish what our go to options are for the PP. There does not seem to be a focus as to where we are going to be generating scoring chances from. Are we trying to get point shots and drive the net? Are we trying to make plays down low? Are we trying to set up a Boeser type for the one timer? I don't see them trying any of these as a priority go to play.

Thirdly, once we have figured out 1 and 2 we need to establish the personnel to execute and it it currently isn't the set PP units we have now.


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Oh man this topic just sets me up for a nice long Sunday morning rant, one of the nice things about ageing is I can go off on a long rant and just seem like a bitter old guy instead of just an a-hole.  Better grab another coffee first.


The Canucks, in the many years I have been watching them, have mostly been terrible on the breakout.  There have been a few seasons where that wasn't true.  It has always been a joke of mine that on the first clearance of the puck, even if there is 1:45 left on the PP that it has been effectively killed.  


The Canucks have always had a habit that drives me crazy, they skate the puck backwards from anywhere behind the red line to behind their net and freeze it there.  They look up, think about it, wait for a player to change, have a snack and wait some more.  This year they have actually started doing that freezing the puck in front of the net once or twice.  Edler does this a ton, Sopel was perhaps the worst player in NHL history for this.  It drives me crazy.  


The reason this bugs me so much is that NHL players with NHL coaching and defensive systems are almost impossible to beat if you don't force them out of position and create chaos.  This is best done with skating and puck movement before the D gets to set up.  Freezing the puck while you get your players in position is creating positional advantage for the D team as their goal is much simpler.  I would hate to see how many powerplay minutes we have wasted just standing behind our own net.  It also speaks to indecisiveness and lack of confidence which are not what you want on PP.


Bad news is this seems to be getting worse.  Hopefully this will come around as players are adapting to a new system.  Poulliot looked like a move in the right direction in this regard as he really seems to skate and likes to jump up into the play.  Activating D men has fairly consistently been one of the best ways to create enough chaos in the O zone to get some scoring chances along with solid speedy forechecking like Jake brings and Burrows used to.  Other than that it is just up to talent, creativity and traffic in front of the net (all of which we are in short supply of).


Anyway coffee is done so rant should end, cranky old man or a-hole you decide, I don't care (another benefit of aging).

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They don't move the puck quick enough, it's that simple. Every pass is telegraphed, and they end up in battles on the half wall or worse, get scored on themselves.


-Cross seam passes need to be faster

-The guy at the point actually has to hit the net.

-Need to be the first players to pick up the garbage (The Canucks have been terrible at this for years now)

-Have a shot option on either side of the net, forcing the goaltender to either cheat or move laterally to react.


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It's not just about having snipers. 

That's useless if they are not in position to shoot and always covered. 

There is zero creativity about where players are going. They just keep passing the puck around and aren't moving fast enough and to the right places to make them selves available to get the puck in a scoring position. Very easy to read and very easy to defend 

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The power play is all passers, no shooters, and too many slow players. We have no big shot from the point and no net presence whatsoever. 


This team lacks an identity. The Canucks aren't young, fast, tough, defensive, high scoring...they are just mediocre at everything. It is hard to be optimistic.


If this team was young and fast but horrible defensively at least we would know that the players would get better, and we could focus on improving the defensive side. This team needs a bit of everything. 

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