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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings

-Vintage Canuck-

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1 hour ago, Father Ryan said:

Both Baer and DD are close to some goals. Baer now needs 2 points for 100 in his career; DD needs 1 goal to get to 50 (for his career). The way the team is going on this road trip, those marks should be met in the next couple of games.


Great game! The youth and speed is starting to show!

And depth.  Other than Gagner, most of the team was good.  Hutton had a huge turnaround game.  

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16 minutes ago, Mattrek said:


Gagner is struggling for sure, but Vanek is a .5 PPG player at a 2m cap hit. What did you expect from him? You pay 2m to get a 40 point player every day of the week.

I rather he not be on the team So I have no expectations of him. He has one good shift a game then it’s the disappearing act. Wasn’t a fan when he was signed and he really hasn’t done anything to change that. 

I like that he went to the net but I can see why he’s been kicked around the league. I guess 2 mill buys a player that shows up 2 minutes a game. 

Gagner has been totally ineffective. 


Virtanen sure looks good with sedins reminds me a bit of burrows with them. Hard on the puck and strong in the dirty areas.hope he can keep it up.

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50 minutes ago, billabong said:

Kronwall has ended careers and wrecked numerous careers with that unique hit of his.


good on jake to put him on his pants


its nice to see jake and brock find a spot on the team and in important roles and the vets are pushed down the line up




who's career did he end or wreck? I can't think of one. 


Kron is a clean, hard hitter. Don't make up things about a great player just because you are a Canucks fan who wishes to make Virt look good. Hockey is a physical game. Lots of things happen especially because of the speed of game. But lets not get ahead of ourselves. 

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I like all the summer signings, MDZ is a solid defence man and is an upgrade on  Spisa 

Vanek has put in a few goals and hasn’t been a liability.

Gagner plays the right way he isn’t always noticeable but he is also not noticed for doing the bad things.

These three are great temporary fill’ins that we need for the transition to more youth.

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Virtanen playing very well tonight. 


Felt like the game overall tonight was a bit sloppy, but the second period, 'Nucks started playing better. 


Virtanen, when moving his feet, absolutely effective with and without the puck. Holy cow. If he can continue his play (engage without the puck), and start putting pucks in, he's gonna be very good. 


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Tanev is MVP so far.  


Gagner's doing ok.  He isn't doing a lot of checking or scoring, but he has some skill.  As long as Green keeps on his d zone play he wont be a liability.  The ones who didn't look so hot tonight were Burmistrov and Pouliot.  Not terrible just so so.  Vanek makes a lot of nifty plays, can carry the puck and his line would be lost without him.  He has value but needs to be on the right line.  I could see Green maybe bringing somebody up tp play with Vanek if Gagner and Burmistrov don't do a touch better.   


That game could have been 8-1 there were so many good chances for the Canucks.  Virt and Boeser had 7 grade A chances alone where they didn't score.  Henrik, Baertschi all had good chances.   


Love how Green plays his regular line on power play with a three goal lead.  Virt got some PP time, looked pretty good.  He is doing well so far.  He has that extra gear no one else on Canucks has, except maybe Horvat.  

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1 hour ago, Mattrek said:


That ability is going to pay off huge once Edler gets back. Takes a lot of pressure off him and allows him to be more consistent with a deployment he can handle around the 20-22 minute mark rather then the 25+ he struggles with.


We could have a very balanced defense core when fully healthy.


Edler - Stecher

Del Zotto - Gudbranson

Pouliot/Hutton - Tanev


That left side is crowded though...

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