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[Signing] Flames Sign Sam Bennett

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Watching for the numbers but nothing from the media yet (must be enjoying their summer break). Teams never seem to put the numbers out there. Capfriendly will have the details shortly. Wonder how much they will have left to sign Tkachuk...

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I haven't looked at their roster but he's the type of player that if he can't protected in the expansion draft, will be one much like many players that vegas selected, who when given the chance to play top 6 minutes from a third line role, could blossom.


He's taken a while, but don't forget he was a very high scoring, elite offensive player in junior. He has simply recreated his game to play a role to stay in the league. There's alot of untapped skill there.

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8 minutes ago, Screw said:



I bet Jim Hughson still mumbles this in his sleep.

Yip. Meantime the best Canuck that series was a rookie Bo Horvat and hardly an honorable mention from the media. Lol. 

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12 minutes ago, Down by the River said:

Can't imagine what my wife would think if I was mumbling in my sleep about an 18 year old named Sam...

I dated a ridiculously buxom brunette named Samantha for a time when I was younger.



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