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[Official] 2019 Training Camp Thread

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On 9/11/2019 at 11:27 AM, NUCKER67 said:

In 2010/11, the Canucks had Raymond, Ballard, Alberts, Rome and Glass, and went all the way to Game 7 of the SCF.


There could be some fun comparables from that roster:


Henrik - Pettersson

Daniel - Boeser

Kesler - Horvat

Ehrhoff - Hughes

Samuelsson - Baertschi

Burrows - Miller

Torres - Ferland

Hamhuis - Juolevi

Salo - Myers

Bieksa - Benn

Edler - himself

Tanev - himself

Hansen - Roussel

Luongo/Schneider - Markstrom/Demko


And not even mentioned: Pearson, Leivo, Virtanen, Beagle, Goldobin, Sutter, Gaudette, MacEwen, Stecher and possibly Tryamkin (for the playoffs).


I'm feeling very optimistic this year, no hesitation, let's go for it!!!




Interesting comp. Here's about where I'd have it now.


Henrik >>> Pettersson

Daniel >>> Boeser

Kesler >>> Horvat

Ehrhoff >> Hughes

Samuelsson >> Baertschi

Burrows >> Miller

Torres =< Ferland

Hamhuis >>> Juolevi

Salo > Myers

Bieksa >>> Benn

Edler - himself

Tanev - himself

Hansen > Roussel

Luongo/Schneider >>> Markstrom/Demko


Obviously your projecting out on our young players, while I'm just looking at things as of today in my comp. Hughes should be better than Ehrhoff. Pettersson has that sky high ceiling, Boeser could score more than Daniel & be a great 1st line compliement. Horvat has that Kesler role with possibly even a bit more potential.


I don't think we have anywhere near the goaltending to compete with Luongo/Schneider. But I see comparable center depth, and a defenseman in Hughes who has the potential to be one of the best in franchise history. If we could get Askarov that would be our Luongo.


Juolevi I see closer to how Edler was back then, minus the physical side. Juolevi is really more of a smart offensive/puck moving type than a reliable matchup DFD like Hamhuis. Not that he can't be a minute munching defender like Hammer but his calling card is really vision & moving the puck IMO. 


Then hopefully with Hughes/Juolevi/Woo developing (Woo I'd say is most like Bieksa in our system) add a couple of secondary pieces via trade & UFA then we might have something. A big hit through trade like MG did with Ehrhoff would be another huge boost. 



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6 hours ago, Chicken. said:

Any reason why Virtanen wasn't at the press conf ?  Perhaps I missed the reasoning 

He was announced as "in the next group" (the 3-some) and when they sat down I heard a voice "should we wait" then another "let's start"  ....... so I think he was expected to be there

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1 minute ago, Chris12345 said:

What's the injury?

The France-born winger had surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee at the end of March. The usual recovery period is six to nine months, meaning he might be ready as early as late September or as late as Christmastime.

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