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Kevin Bieksa Interviews Canucks

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That's gold right there. 

Looking forward to more of this throughout the season! 


KB3 has got the potential to do a series similar to the Real Rob report. 

If you know Mike Robinson formerly from the Hawks you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

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I just love the way Tanev talks... like he's &^@#ing high all the time. :lol:



love his stare, plus at 5:55 he's like: where am I again? oh there's Sutter, cool... hey, he's got water... hey i got water too... o.O




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19 minutes ago, danjr said:

So no talk of Kevin being signed anywhere?  This league is so weird how players like Iggy and such are just ghosted.
Gone are the days where a guy can skate around the rink and say his goodbye's.  Well it's pretty rare now.

He's 38. Hasn't officially announced his retirement. He hinted that last season a couple of teams had interest in his services but he didn't want to move far from home. Sounded like he was either going to sign in Vancouver or a Cali team or retire. He has basically retired at this point. I feel like had he stayed on as a "life long Canuck" instead of being moved, he'd have had a bigger farewell.


But the truth is, only franchise icons truly get big farewells. Most guys fade into obscurity. Just the way it goes.

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56 minutes ago, oldnews said:

Juice is a natural - sign him up = the market needs real voices, actual hockey people like him - who are also entertaining as hell.

Love to have Bieksa on one of our radio stations as a regular host.  He’s fantastic!  

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