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Fan or no, hockey is a time suck.


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6 minutes ago, Disgruntler said:

I love the passion, and the analysis and knowledge and history here. I do. I DO.


But wow. For me personally (and maybe it's a life-stage thing), I suddenly realized this week that I just. don't. care. I don't! I don't care about a bunch of kids -- talented, nice for the most part, etc etc -- that play a game with a rubber disc, earn a $&!# ton of money and ... right, that's it. Hockey, football, soccer, baseball, whatEVER, it means nothing and provides even less. Go out, love the one you're with (or pine for the one you're not), read something weird. DO something weirder. ANYTHING, but devote so much of your free time to watching someone ELSE realize their dreams that YOU forget to do the same.


I've had a negroni. But man, screw this weird abdication of investment in life by projecting my goals into some kid's ice dreams. Jebus.


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1 minute ago, erkayloomeh said:

You seem to contradict yourself by starting out saying you love the passion etc. Then go on to trash it?

I wouldn't read into it that much.


If I were disgruntler, I'd probably just ask for a side of piss with my cornflakes instead of peeing right in them.

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In fairness to OP, folks can get lured into frittering away one Helluva' lotta' time, w/endeavours like sport. Long time ago, I simply decided to cut it down to this one sport to follow.


Also feel this winds into the direction of freewill vs determinism..which I hear is the old philosopher's debate. Do you CHOOSE how you will p*ss away your time, or do others/other forces determine for you? Really don't want to live a life, feeling I've simply followed trends(or notions) of others. Imho, it's worthwhile to consider one's motivations for actions taken, or whatever you aim to do.


But it's mostly a personal, subjective thing..so once a guy/gal sorts that shyte out, best to just get on with it.

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most of us have

work time

family time

down time


if hockey fits nicely into your down time that is a decent use of that time

otherwise you will spend that time on something else

not sure why you want to call it a time suck

you spend your time how you choose

not sure anyone else can suck it from you . you make choices


but i guess you can also choose

to spin this as negatively as you wish

so that your views suit and project the same image your name does

have fun with it all  :bigblush:

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