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Your CDC username history

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Just for fun, let's take a look at CDC username history. In case you didn't know, you can view your username history by clicking the arrow beside your username on your profile page.


Here's mine, check my signature for reference :lol:


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I was "ajhockey" for nearly 7 years until I decided to simplify it. I wanted "AJ", but names have to be at least three characters, hence the dashes on either side of the name (I took inspiration from @-Vintage Canuck- on that one).


I also remember that way back in the day when there was a phase where everyone and their moms were changing their names to different fruits, I almost joined in, but held off, for which I'm still grateful.

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I like to think I am still the thrustiest.


I forgot exactly why I picked TP to begin with. I liked Prust well enough but wasn't a huge fan. I actually was a big fan of Cramarossa until I met him in person. He wasn't very friendly. It's a solid surname that rolls off the tongue nonetheless. 


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wow ..had my 13th anniversary  yesterday :) 


i started january 11th 2007 as TheGermanCanuck  ...somwhere in Novmeber 2007 i changed to SabreNuck#89  cuz i m also a Sabres Fan and the 89 stands for Mogilny.

one of my alltime favorite players who played for both teams.   my name history starts in april 2008 ...

Screenshot (2).png

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It's been Wilbur since I joined in '03.  Haven't been tempted to change it.  Not sure why I use it online, but always thought it would be a good name for a pet pug.



Depending if the Canucks need the cap space or not, you may have to request your name changed to something Eriksson or Sutter themed :bigblush:

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