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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs Colorado Avalanche | Mar. 6, 2020 7 PM PST | The Darkest Timeline Edition

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1 minute ago, JoshuaGuy said:

Okay let me explain. It was a gift from my wife just before he got traded. I wasn't nice about it and she has since said she'll never buy me another jersey. I want a Retro Horvat Jersey but she won't buy it and I get anxiety spending like any amount of money on myself. 

I can relate.  My ex bought me my Bieksa jersey...wore it until the 3 was falling off.  Then my kids bought me my Burr jersey (that I'm wearing to this day).


I dream of the jerseys I will buy but ... yeah, I get it.

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3 minutes ago, kilgore said:

Look at Avs PK compared to ours.  Aggressive on the puck carrier all the time.

See if we sit back again in our tight passive box and just let them rip it as usual

Pretty bang on.  Can say the same about the difference in PP as well

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