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[PGT] New York Islanders at Vancouver Canucks | Mar. 10, 2020

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4 minutes ago, naslund.is.king said:

The scrutiny hes received lately is disgraceful.

Mans been light out as a young backup. This fanbase needs to remember reasonable expectations.

I must be the only one who remembers the hate Markstrom first recieved in his early years with us

He is playing nervous, especially with the Playoffs being so tight and every game being pretty much a must win. 

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2 minutes ago, Devron44 said:

And they called that one on Gauds :picard:

Reason why all the fan bases think the refs are against them these days. Miss the obvious ones like Ladd on Boeser but call the inconsistent ones.



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7 minutes ago, Green Building said:

Demko has ice in his veins.

I agree. I didn't get on him when he had a rough start when Marky went down. But I thought because this was his first real opportunity to be the starter, it would take a bit of time, and believed he'd be more than capable. Obviously, he needs to do that consistently. I think he will.

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1 minute ago, The Great 8 said:

Sutter was so bad tonight. We gotta get rid of him next year whether that’s a buy out or a trade..

Honestly think it pretty doable with one year left on his contract.

I think he’s just had to many injuries. Not everyone can maintain a level they should be with so many injuries. Unless you’re a savage like Tanev 

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