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Top 50 Canucks of All-Time - #9

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Top 50 Canucks of All-Time - #9  

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  1. 1. Who is the #9 Canuck of All-Time?

    • A. Edler
    • T. Gradin
    • T. Bertuzzi
    • A. Burrows
    • R. Kesler
    • K. Bieksa
    • M. Ohlund
    • T. Tanti
    • B. Morrison
    • D. Lever

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McLean won the last one by a sizable margin, but the votes are definitely more spread out now. Don Lever barely edged out Lumme in the nominations, so he was added as a voting option.


Reminder to both vote and nominate another player to be added as a voting option!


For those of you who haven't seen these kinds of polls before, the way they work is you vote for who you think is the greatest/top Canuck at the position. As for what is meant by "Greatest" or "Top", I will leave that to each individual. I have my own interpretations, but others may define it differently. Worth noting, that I do want to keep this to their tenures with Vancouver and as players, thus a player like Neely would only be considered for his Vancouver time and guys like Quinn and Crawford would only be considered for their playing careers, not their coaching careers.


The List:

#1 - H. Sedin

#2 - D. Sedin

#3 - T. Linden

#4 - P. Bure

#5 - M. Naslund

#6 - S. Smyl

#7 - R. Luongo

#8 - K. McLean

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As per your last post in the last thread, I hope you don't recuse yourself from voting.  Vote your heart, and all I or anyone can do is make our best case for the players that remain at the top of our rankings...


Anyway, here's a few highlights from the old school...


Tiger Williams:  All time NHL penalty record (by a Gretzky-like margin), 35 goal season for the Canucks, more career goals than Henrik Sedin.  Member of the 1982 Cup Final team.


Cliff Ronning, almost 900 career points.  Retired in the top 100 in all-time NHL scoring (as did Trevor Linden).  Way up near the top on the Canucks' all time playoff scoring list.  Scoring star at about 5'7" and 85 points one year for us, more than was ever achieved by Trevor Linden and many other very good players.


Andre Boudrias.  Not a highlight reel but a brief bio.  He was one of the original 1970-71 Canucks with Orland Kurtenbach and one of our first captains.  His single season assist record lasted from the 1970s until Henrik Sedin.


Harold Snepsts.  Retired as our all time record holder for games by a defenseman.  Big part of the 1982 Cup Final team, but also a big part of the 1970s.  In the Ring of Honour for good reason.


Doug Lidster.  Haha, not the highlight we want but it's our former captain and still record holder for points by a defenseman in one year (63) scoring on Kirk McLean for his new team the Rangers in 1994.  After we let him go, he went off and quickly won two Cups before retiring.  He is one of the best skaters I ever saw, and it's no accident that he looks like Paul Coffey on this rush.


A biography of Barry Pederson, the unfairly maligned guy we got for Cam Neely.  He was our MVP in 1987 and was en route to the Hall of Fame before shoulder problems hit early in his career.  Even with those issues, he was arguably our best player.


Oh, and I think this next guy (King Richard) probably needs no introduction...  He's also probably the greatest goalie in Nordiques history, pre-Avalanche.  He's the only Canuck goalie to ever be named team MVP three times.  Luongo and McLean never accomplished this, and neither did Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Ryan Kesler or Thomas Gradin.  Three MVPs ties him with Pavel Bure and Stan Smyl.  Richard Brodeur is one of only five Canucks ever to win the MVP three times.  And thus he is tied for 3rd place in Canucks history for the most team MVP awards.


And here's just a fun feature on the 1982 team in general.



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1 hour ago, Rick Blight said:

Voted Gradin and nominate Dennis Kearns. Kearns played 10 years for the Canucks and was the franchise leader in assists when he retired. His record was eventually broken by Gradin but even today he is 8th all-time in franchise assists.

And his record of 55 assists in one year by a defenseman still stands today.

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Voted  Gradin - although Ohlund was my first choice from this group I just don"t think Edler should be in the top ten so went with my second choice.  Ohlund didn't play quite as long, but he played with us long enough...and if we had him still ( or Mitchell) we'd have won a cup (and we paid a heavy price for Ballard who ended up our 7-8 defenseman).  Lumme and possibly Lidster should also be considered before Edler as well.  THN had him at 20 a few years ago - he's moved up a bit since then but not enough for top ten IMO.    Speaking of Lumme - I nominate him ... was also a better defenseman then Edler. 

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