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[GDT/PGT] Vancouver Canucks @ Toronto Maple Laffs | February 8, 2021 | 4 p.m. PT | TVAS, SNP

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Just so &^@#ing done with this team. This is beyond frustrating and embarrassing. I've been through the Messier days and the cloutier years , but sweet baby Jesus, this is unbearable. 

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Just now, King Heffy said:

My main problem has been Horvat going on record as saying effort hasn't been a problem.  If the effort we've been putting in is acceptable to him, he needs to be stripped of the C.

I agree with you there. 

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8 hours ago, higgyfan said:

Well, I had some time on my hands, so decided to have a good look at some other rebuilt/rebuilding teams have fared.

The Avs completed their rebuild after 10 years struggle. 

Jets took 6 years, but the (Atlanta Thrashers) only qualified for P/Os just once in 10 yrs

NYI  had back 2 back rebuilds.  16 out of playoffs and 6- 1st round loses over 22yrs.

Hurricanes 9yr rebuild.

Devils 8yrs and still at it.

Blue Jackets 13 out of P/Os, 3 1st round losses in 17yrs.

And then we have the mighty Leafs.  10 out of playoffs and 5 1st round losses in 17 years.


Canuck fans are always arguing over when the rebuild started.   I think the rebuild started when they were disqualified from the P/s in 2014.

For the other teams, I only started the rebuild after they had a significant stretch of not qualifying for P/Os along with a small sprinkling of 1st round losses.  Canucks rebuild stats are 5 out of playoffs,  (1) first round loss and last season (1) second round loss.  Not looking so bad after considering these other teams. 


I guess I could have added the Oilers, Coyotes and Sabres records, but we know how bad is bad.


After looking this list over, I have surmised that a lot of Nuck fans are: impatient, Nuck centric, :frantic:and spoilt.



Both of you make some great points and I admit I'm getting a bit impatient but the dead money just kills me. I wish we had vets like spezza and Pavelski and perry and thornton etc.


Not loui eriksson lol

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