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[PTO] Ben Hutton with Ducks

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I guess the Ducks liked enough of what they saw from Hutton to give him a chance.


I do think Hutton is a decent depth LHD.  He has good size and while he generally isn't known for physical play, he can still engage and has fought before (however rare that may be).  In the right spot, maybe he can have a Mike Reilly like resurgence to his career.

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Hutton has a really fun vibe to him. Like Schmidt a bit that way.


Which I think helped the team during the darkest years of the rebuild, now its all business. A few Captain Serious types on the team now. 


He will probably help the Ducks as they don't look like they will be all that good this year. 

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Ben Hutton has had a bit of an up and down career. He was fantastic as a rookie, decent in his second year, terrible in his third, and was pretty solid in his fourth. The one season he had in LA he looked fantastic (based on his underlying numbers Evolving Hockey projected a five-year deal at a $4.3M AAV). But seemed to drop again. 

It looks like he has become a pretty good penalty killer but he isn't quite good enough for a 2nd pairing (which we saw in Vancouver) and third pairings often go to younger guys, older vets, physical players etc. Either way at $1M he is a great pickup as a 3rd pair LHD as he can step up when injuries hit. 


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1 minute ago, EP Phone Home said:

Agreed he is still in the pros. On his way to the Cleveland Monsters. Had hope for good Gauncer, always want the ex Canucks to stick around and maybe get a sip of glory from Stanley if it’s not us. 

I remember he has a great preseason that one year. So yeah I had high hopes for him that time 

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