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Bettman went on HNIC when we were playing the Sharks and defended the refs openly rigging the series.  Given that he continues to allow Sutherland to work our games despite his refusal to conduct himself appropriately, it is clear that professionalism and honesty is not a requirement to be a ref in Bettman's NHL.  The league won't clean this up until one of their gambling partners has enough and forces them to do so with a lawsuit.

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The reffing has always been slanted against the Canucks, ever since I could remember. Don’t forget, this is the town where our coach raised the white flag on a hockey stick in protest. Nothing has changed. Look at how Messier got away with breaking Linden’s ribs in game 6 Finals back in 1994. How Raymond gets his back broken in 2011 Finals completely away from the play and also where no call. Etc, etc, etc…..


In order for a Canuck team to succeed, they have to bring their A game. These guys rarely do that now. The reffing is not the main problem. It’s the team and how it is being deployed.

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No the refs are not picking on the Canucks.  Fans of every team in the league say this about the refs.


It is childish at best.


The reffing is uneven, and not consistent and sometimes not professional but there is no agenda in existence to pick on the Canucks. Sorry that is laughable junk.


Some games the goofy, lousy reffing goes against us.  Some games it doesn't


The only truth is  -      the reffing is not very good.



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I think there’s bad calls in every game for both sides. The two penalties called on the Canucks goalies in the last few games were bad calls no doubt but I read a stat recently that the Canucks are near the top of penalties for this season. If the PP was firing, I don’t think this is as much of a conversation. Personally I find blaming refs a little lame. Bottom line is this team isn’t playing to its potential. That needs to change and it starts with the coach IMO. He must go now. 

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It is just too easy the balme the officating, and as a fan base we whine about it just like other teams.


That being said, I think the NHL should make a real effort to improve training for on-ice officials, communicate what they are doing to their public and report the results of each official at the end of the season.

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