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[Waivers] Nathan Bastian

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Nathan Bastian I equate as a similar player to Zack MacEwen but a bad fighter...like significantly worse than Mac.


If the Canucks management couldn't find a role for Gadjovich and MacEwen, I doubt they would see value in Bastian. If they wanted toughness, grit, and consistency you might as well have claimed Clifford when he was on waivers, yet the Canucks let him go. I can see them doing the same here. Clearly this management and coaching staff don't value big bodied forwards who don't bring much to special teams or have a defined role.

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Take a look at that first comment. He almost sounds... too perfect for this team (the comment is just a fans response, but I'm sure they've watched him more than we have). 

"He's the perfect 4th liner with much more upside. He'll easily become a fan favourite. He does all the dirty work that a winning team needs. He was a huge reason the PK got significantly better."

"He hits. He's 1st to drop the gloves. The effort level quickly makes anyone a fan."

Replace Chiasson, put in Bastian. It's almost a no-brainer at this point. 

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Will turn 24 in 2 weeks so still young enough to improve.  Last season with NJD:  41 gp, 3g, 7a, 0+/-, 21 pim, 136 hits, 25 bs.  A good ole BIG Canadian boy who likes to hit, and is a right shot.  If the Canucks pick him up and he starts hitting everything in sight it might light a bomb under some of the other players.  Also might give them the feeling they have more space to show off their (currently dormant) skills.


Ah well, to dream................



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