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Reverse Retro jerseys making a comeback for 2022-23 season

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The Reverse Retro is making a return. 


Chris Smith of Icethetics confirmed earlier this week that the popular alternate jersey program would make a comeback for the 2022-23 season. 


“There had been whispers about it for a while, but now I’m confident in reporting that it is happening for sure,” Smith said in a video podcast on YouTube. 


The Reverse Retro series marked the first time every NHL team was included in an alternate jersey rollout, using elements from each franchise’s past to create the line. It was designed to last just one season.


All 32 teams, including the Seattle Kraken, are expected to participate in the rollout once again and will feature new designs, according to Smith.


“The designs will be different from what we got in 2020, and I hear that some teams are even bending the definition of reverse retro,” he said. “What that means exactly, I don’t know, but it should give all the concept artists out there something fun to play with for the next couple of months.”


The reverse retro concept involves picking old jerseys from a franchise’s past and giving them a remix, with many teams opting for some bold new looks.


The original Reverse Retro concept was two and a half years in the making, according to Dan Near, the Head of Adidas Hockey.


“We realized that fans love retro, but in 2018, there was a fan survey on NHL.com about the best jerseys of all-time. Well 22 of the 25 of those were either retro, or even defunct team looks,” Near told Daily Hive in November 2020.


“We don’t just want to recreate the past. There needs to be progress, there needs to be ‘new’ in everything we do in this partnership. And that’s where ‘your colours, your retros reversed’ came from.”


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1 hour ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

These are what the jerseys looked like last time:



I get that I may be in the small minority here, but most of these jerseys were great.  


MTl, VAN, Philly, NYI, TOR, Pitt, NYR, DET, Dal werent great, but some like COL, BOS, NJ, FLA, Nash,  Ott, Min were amazing.  I'd like to see more special jerseys like this in the NHL.  

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2 hours ago, DeNiro said:

Well good thing we get a redo.


I expect much better this time.



Let's hope so!


Will they do a green white and blue flying V?


Sprite jerseys were a disgrace, ugly as you know what. Come on Vancouver I want to spend my $ on a good jersey...

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2 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

These are what the jerseys looked like last time:



Those teams that trotted out the logos of defunct franchises are (in my mind at least) being assholes.  KInd of like rubbing it in the faces of Quebec City, or Hartford, saying "haha, your memory can only live through our existence".


I really hope that Quebec City is able to acquire a franchise and reassume control of the Nordiques logo, so that Colorado will stop using it and cease to profit off Quebec City's pain and sadness.

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5 hours ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

This wasn't the jersey comeback I was looking for :(




Canucks roundtable: Making some predictions for the 2021 regular season -  Page 2

Whoever is in charge of consumer product sales with the Canucks is totally out of touch with what the fans really want.  These jerseys have been in such high demand for such a long time, I have no idea why they haven't embraced it yet.

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