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[Signing] Predators Sign Nino Niederreiter to 2x$4M

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The value in this contract isn't actually the scoring. Yes, he's a 30-40 point player but 4m aav seems pretty average for that level of production. What makes this a good deal for the Preds is Nino's size, playing style, and 200ft game.

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1 hour ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

Wow. Great deal.


For what it’s worth, here’s how the quick view analytics look on Nino:



Based on the fancies, he’s a $7M+ value player.


And coming off his 3rd best overall statistical season of his career, and still only age 29.

Taxes help but still, he must really like Nashville 

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11 minutes ago, UKNuck96 said:

That was a good signing but it wasn’t a steal 

We stole the LOSER LEAFS best player (without the puck) PK guy, forechecker, backchecker, and playoff performer.


Nino is a bum compared to our guy.  Old and slow.  

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8 hours ago, DrJockitch said:

Really solid player. Would have been good add if hadn’t got Mik. 

I agree, didn't expect Mikheyev to get the kind of contract he did get but here's to hoping he becomings a Grabner-type penalty killer for us and can mesh well in our top 6. Nino seems to be a streaky player, but I would have also liked the Canucks to go this route with a shorter term contract but when in free agency if you really like a guy you have to pony up and then see how that player and contract holds up!

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