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[Report] Caps’ Kuznetsov will have hearing for high stick on Burroughs

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14 minutes ago, Makaramel MacKhiato said:

Gotta love when a player has a hearing, but it's only a 2 minute penalty on the ice. 

Don't understand how that wasn't an instant major + game. Insanely dangerous. 

And we have instant replay. 2nd time in 3 games refs could have looked and didn't. Rugby refs put all other sports' refs to absolute shame. 

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1 game isn't enough obviously. If they want to send a message, they should give him a 5 minute major on the spot.


Sure, we'd probably bottle it any way but most teams can score 1-2 goals there and win a game then and there. 1 game means nothing to the Caps.


Another idea would be that the offending team can't replace the player (eg. Play with 1 less skater those games) but again, for me it's not a harsh enough punishment for nearly taking a guy's head off. 


We see player's careers ruined over headshots and concussions and 1 game here and there isn't going to stop them. Always have been far too weak IMO.


Honestly I'd multiply these punishments by about 10 and then you won't see stupid plays anymore, but 1 game here and there and heck I'd throw a dirty elbow at a Pacific team rival star's head and change their season.

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3 hours ago, grumpyone said:

that's fine and dandy, but I would rather have had him get 5 and a game on the spot. 

a fine or a 2 game suspension NOW doesn't help the Canucks any. 

He should have had a 5 and game on the spot for Match Penalty for Intent to injure, followed up by a in person hearing for minimum 5 game suspension.


There was no excuse for that stick swing!


NHL needs to show that it takes this serious no matter who the offending player is (They won't) and hand him at least 5 games for that. This wasn't a "Ohhh, I couldn't stop in time and accidentally drove him into the boards...". There was clear intent and disregard in his actions, he needs 5 games, minimum. 

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