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Jason Garrison please. Dunno why this guy gets a free pass from the canucks, but he doesn't fit the teams style at all. I'd rather keep Tanev, Edler, Hamhuis, and Bieksa over Garrison. Yet, he's a BC boy, so people want him to stay. Ship him back to Florida, for some pieces. If somehow, we could get Kulikov, that one trade fixes the whole team right there. Physical, and an actual puck mover, perfect for Edler.

I second this. Garrison is nowhere near earning his keep.
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Zetterberg IS a mess as always and Detroit is concerned how serious his current injury really is.

Kesler being a Detroit guy...or the constant "Edler to Detroit" theories....

Im startin to smell a bit of smoke.

The thing Im curious of is that with Detroit being so close to the cap, we would surely be taking salary back....the question is "Who?"

Do we take Samuelson and Tootoo with their combined Salary of $5 mil and they toss in Mantha and a 1st?

Pittsburgh has lost Dupuis for the rest of the year.... Burrows is a similar player to Dupuis and roughly the same cap hit to make up their LTIR cap room.

Do we take Despres and a 2nd?

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it could all be nothing, but looking at how we have played this calender year, our need for offensive help in the top 6(although thats going on 2yrs) I would hope GM MG has finally seen the light at the end fo the tunnel and decided to pick up the phone and potential move a player that he may have not wanted to before.

We could use some form of a change at the very least this year. If that doesnt help and he barely make the playoffs or get swept, then this off season alot more should be done

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Maybe it's Bieksa?

There's been some talk about Tampa Bay having interest.

The Lightning seem to really love acquiring Canucks veteran defensemen (Ohlund, Salo).

I could see Juice possibly waiving his NTC for the chance to play in the East (I've always felt that he'd thrive in the other conference) and enjoy the fun and sun of Florida.

Lightning fans have been offering (RW) Teddy Purcell and either a 2nd round pick or "B" prospect. I think MG would have to consider it, especially if TBL sweetened things a little more.

I could see something working around Bieksa for Purcell++.

The Canucks (assuming they re-sign) would still have Tanev, Diaz, Weber, Corrado as RHDs, plus Garrison has been effective on his off side.

Edler would have to stay then, as the current D corps doesn't have enough physicality to lose both Juice and Eddie without becoming very soft in the process. Hopefully, Stanton can be developed into a more physical player at the NHL level (he's shown this capacity at the lower levels). Hamhuis also has an underrated physical game.

Maybe also look to grab one of the Lightning's more physical D prospects or target one in the upcoming draft.

There's no doubting the fact that the Canucks lose some grit/toughness and are a less mean/angry team to play against if Bieksa is moved. However, if the return is a good top-six forward plus a future asset (pick/prospect), I think this would be a net positive trade.

I really like Bieksa and he's one of the core leaders on this team but he might actually be more expendable than Edler.

Hamhuis-Tanev seems to be just as (if not more) effective of a pairing as Hamhuis-Bieksa. And Bieksa doesn't seem to play very well with Edler. Bieksa has actually had good results playing alongside Garrison as an offensive-minded combo but only in limited minutes and the team doesn't appear interested in exploring this possibility as a regular pairing. Stanton-Bieksa have been solid together but they have played nowhere near an irreplaceable role on this team.

As for the Purcell offer, he might be a good fit in Vancouver. On the plus side: Purcell is 28 (4 years younger than Bieksa), has 2 years remaining on his contract, has good size (6'3", 200+lbs), loads of offensive ability, has produced solid "2nd line" numbers and flirted with "1st line" numbers in a couple seasons, shoots right, plays either wing, and can be effective in both the setup and finishing roles. On the negative side: he's been inconsistent throughout his career and he doesn't use his size enough.

The salary cap would be roughly neutral (Bieksa=$4.6 million AAV; Purcell=$4.5 million AAV).

EDIT: typos

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i dont think colorado trades their 1st line winger for Edler. Would love the deal, but think Colorado would want more for O reilly. Hasnt management come out and said they arent trading him and seems like the player is happy under the new regime.

I would re sign with that young skilled team too. Colorado has a good group of young forwards. But ya never know what can happen

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I know Gillis said he's not going to approach players with NTC's and that Kesler and Bieksa both love it here, but my feeling is that, given our downward spiral since 2011 and all the moves made during this period of spiraling, Kesler and Bieksa are as good as gone, via ufa or not, and it's going to be a sad time for Canucks fans. Esp. when we don't get anything or we get hardly anything in return.

However, i'll be happy for them it they go to a US team and win a cup there.

Then again, Gillis had surprised me with moves before. He may decide to trade youth for vets, and that coincides with giving Torts some bloody help and showcasing our youth, such as it is. Schroeder was supposed to have done something by now. Not much there.

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Purcell is an interesting option, and plays well on the PP too.

He's available since the youngsters in Johnson, Kucherov, and Palat have looked so damn good, combined with the fact that Stamkos should be back soon...

Prospect Brett Connolly, whom has ggod size, can play both center and RW, and is also from Cambell River.... has fallen behind the fore mentioned youngsters, while another C/W prospect in Namestnikov is playing a similar game to Connolly.

TB can afford to move some offence for defence and bottom 6 depth.

I dont see Bieksa being moved. He's loved by his teammates, and is one of the few current players that fit into the coaches style. A team would have to overpay to pick him up.

BUT for arguements sake... iF a deal like....

Bieksa + Hansen for Purcell, Connolly, Koekkoek

Came along...

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purcell and a pick was best agreed to, id like to try and pry connolly as well. But I would really hate to loose Bieksa. And dont think tampa has a need for a lhd.

Bieksa is an emotional leader on the ice, we dont see anyone else play that way on our defence. Always been a big fan and would rather move one of the 3 lefties 1st. Mainly because Corrado is still young, and tanev, well hes been great but what are his contract demands.

I was hoping MG would announce a Tanev Extension during these olympics...

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Honestly at this point, Tanev should be the only untouchable.

the thing about Tanev is that he is the most tradeable player on the back end (lack of NTC, RH shot, younger player, etc). He is a good defensive D man with good puck moving skills but isn't really an offensive threat. If the Canucks need more offense he certainly could be targeted by other teams who want want stability and youth on their back end.

That being said, I think the back end needs a bit of a shake up as well and I don't think moving Tanev would be the answer for that. Besides Bieksa and Edler when he decides too, the Canucks don't really have much physicality back there. Maybe offers for Edler just arn't there or perhaps Torts thinks Edler just needs more grooming ala Kassian.

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