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[Mafia] ZODIAC II: Monkey Business

Master Radishes

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10 hours ago, Master Radishes said:

This is a 'role madness' game. Everyone will be assigned one of the roles outlined below. There will be 1-3 of each role, plus several Monkeys (Mafia). Exact numbers will not be revealed. Please read the role descriptions carefully. If you have any questions, just ask me.


Standard Rules




Hidden Content


Order of precedence

Hidden Content


Other notes

Deadlines: Sun-Thu, 10:00pm PST; Fri-Sat, 12:00am PST.

(This is due to time zone differences - your Fri/Sat nights are my weekend mornings, and I ain't waking up early for you.)

Also note: first couple deadlines will be complicated af. Imma do my best not to mess it up. But please be forgiving if I do.

Screenshots: Not allowed.

Inactivity: Not allowed. Standard vote-or-die per two rounds.

PM communication: Allowed.

Dr.S's creepy-man-eating-head GIF: Not allowed.

Dr.S's creepy-man-eating-head GIF: Not allowed.

creepy-man-eating-head GIF: Not allowed.

 Not allowed.




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1 hour ago, Zfetch said:
  • Just tag people who have been active on the forum. You gotta be like a telemarketer.

    *Longer list than expected.

    Well, at least a solid 40ish people who probably have never heard of Mafia will be entering this forum any moment now.

That was effective, no thanks

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