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Mafia: BattleStar Galactica [Sign Ups: Open] - Game Over: Mafia/Survivor Win!


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Welcome to Mafia:







Standing over the command and control console in the CIC, Gaeda says, “The entire fleet’s FTL’s are spooled and awaiting your order Commander.”


An alarm starts to sound.


“DRADIS contact sir! Cylon Baseship just jumped into the system. It’s launching raiders!” Gaeda adds frantically.


“Dammit, how did they find us so Frakking fast? We should have had 3 more minutes.” Commander Adama say as he walks to the communications console.”All ships make the jump to the predetermined coordinates now!”





After the jump, Adama orders, “Set the countdown clock to 30 minutes and begin the FTL’s spin up procedure. We have 30 minutes to find the Cylons that have been giving them our coordinates, it could be anyone.”


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Generic Game Rules: http://cdcmafia.wikia.com/wiki/CDC_Mafia_Rulebook#CDC_Mafia_Rulebook


First Nightfall: Thursday March 17th, 10:00PM


Special Actions Due By: 9:30PM



Please include the round number in your Vote:



Example: Vote1 Aladeen 



Notice there is no space between the word Vote and 1!!!!!



  • Almost any player may become a Cylon (Mafia) throughout this game.
  • Characters that were Cylons in the show may not necessarily become Cylons in this game.
  • Most of you will start with a Cylon number, it is probably advantageous for the Town.
  •  NOT To reveal this number but it is up to you guys if you want another town of potatoes.
  • If the town is smart this will be a difficult game for the Cylons to win.
  • Do Not Rely on Characters to prove someone's Innocence (or Guilt for that matter). The Starting Cylons have been given countermeasures to Mass Claiming.
  • PMing is ALLOWED
  • Screenshots or Quoting the host are NOT
  • Everyone will get a PM, so if you have questions ask me there. You may not get an answer but you can try. 


Player list:



2. @Kazmanian Devil

3. @Virtanen87

4. @Alain Vigneault

5. @fwybwed

6. @Time Lord

7. @JohnLocke

8. @mau5trap

9. @Dr.Strangelove

10. @thejazz97

11. @falcon45ca

12. @Dral

13. @g_bassi13

14. @Beluga Whale

15. @Qwags

16. @Zfetch

17. @milk and honey

18. @Lewitelli

19. @King Heffy

20. @ilduce39

21. @One one two

22. @CanucksLegacy

23. @DoughtysCheck

24. @Kakanucks

25. @Baka

26. @Where's Wellwood



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