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Most anticipated thing for 2017-18?


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Well for me it comes down to 14 points.


With 14 points Daniel Sedin with be the 87th player to score 1000 points.

he will also be the 80th player to score 1000 points and have played 1000 games in the NHL.


What becomes much better is he will be the 25th player who has attained 1000 points and 1000 games with one franchise (from the start of career.  Many moved on to another team for the last year or two of their career).


There have only been 16 players who have played 1000 or more games with only one franchise.   So hopefully He and Henrik will be 17 and 18.

If they attain this they will probably be in even more selective company of those who played 1000 games or more and scored 1000 points or more with only one franchise.


Now here is where things get interesting.

Of the 25 players who scored 1000 points + 1000 games for 1 franchise 19 are members of the Hockey Hall of Fame.  5 are playing or recently retired.  Dave Taylor is the only member of this list not assured HHOF status.


So looking at this list I am sure the Twins will make it into the HHOF, especially with each winning a scoring championship, which many of the 25 hadn't.



So that is what I am looking forward to this season, what are you looking forward to?  Young guns making the team, rebound seasons for the veterans, goalie controversy?

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This year I want to see two things.


I'm very excited to see Rodin to make the NHL. Its rare a touted draft pick leaves to Europe and gets to come back to the NHL, and appears to have all the tools to make a difference.


I intend to watch a great deal of Utica games this year. I remember seeing a lot of the Moose games years ago and it made so much more enjoyable when those players (bieksa, burrows, kesler, etc) made it to the NHL. I fully expect the exact same trend to happen for us over the next few years, and its rare to be able to see it all happen right from the beginning. Should be fun to watch.

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1) watching what magic is created by the Baer Bo Brock line.


2) Granlund picking up where he left off last season. If he can score almost 20 goals with one healthy hand I'm looking forward to seeing how many more he scores with two healthy hands.


3) Will be exciting to see Daniel score 1000 points. 


4) How Green's coaching style will influence the players.

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1) Boeser winning the Calder

2) Horvat improving

3) Daniel hits the 1000pt mark

4) Prospects all improve, and Virtanen makes the jump maybe and plays lights out

5) Players are traded as necessary (maybe get an additional 1st rd pick + 2nd rd)

6) Sedins retire (sorry, not sorry)

7) We get the top 2 pick in the lottery

8) Me finishing my degree + getting a job


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As it may be obvious to everyone, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the rookies play. I hope Boeser makes it, but wouldn't be too disappointed as the Comets will be a solid team this year and he could see himself being the scoring leader on that team. Also, looking forward to watching the new Canucks players - Gagner, Vanek, Del Zotto, Nilsson, Burmistrov, and Wiercioch. I'm interested in Green's style of play, and how players will adapt to it. With so many forwards, we could see a lot of different line combinations throughout the season. Finally, the special teams. I could see Newell Brown improving Canucks' powerplay, with the additions of Vanek and Gagner too.

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I'm just looking forward to some better hockey. I'm a die hard but last season I passed out waaaay too many times half way through games because of our boring style. Hopefully with our new coaching staff and systems, and more offensive players, games are going to be more fun too watch. Looking forward to a better PP as well with Brown taking over. Since we're rebuilding, I'd rather lose high scoring games than low scoring ones.


#IsItOctoberYet :towel:

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#Danny1000 and Granlund breaking the 20 goal plateau. Would also love to see Markus finally get a hat trick since he came close so many times last season. Would be great to see Bo break 30 goals, I think he's got it in him.

I'm also looking forward to attending my first games in Rogers Arena :wub:


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