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Ducks apologize for 'insensitive' video featuring naked Kesler


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Ducks apologize for 'insensitive' video featuring naked Kesler.


The Anaheim Ducks apologized for - and removed - a video posted on the team's Twitter account that was supposed to be in celebration of the NHL's 100th anniversary on Sunday.



The video featured a naked - but censored - Ryan Kesler walking through the Ducks offices, past women, where he tells a male co-worker that he's celebrating the league's 100th birthday "in his birthday suit."


The video received a ton of backlash on social media, especially given the recent cases involving sexual assault and misconduct in Hollywood.









Given the scandals that have rocked Hollywood recently this video is pretty ballsy (no pun intended).

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Saw the video, only two people other than Kes were in it, one female, one male.  I'm assuming they both gave their consent and weren't forced to participate.  Gotta say, not that impressed with Kes' physique.  I thought he'd look ok from the neck down, but wasn't that impressed.  

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