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[Discussion] The Pros and Cons of Adding Erik Karlsson

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[discussion] The Pros and Cons of Adding Erik Karlsson


This seems to be a hot topic on many different Canucks message boards and so I wanted to give my thoughts on this:


For me, it boils down to the following:


Is it realistic and/or possible that guys like Pettersson, Boeser, and Hughes will take discounts to play in Vancouver when their ELC’s expire?.....and if so, what is the approximate likelihood?


I honestly don’t know what the likelihood is.  


What I will say is this:


1) If it’s probable that management can convince Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes, etc., to take discounts when their ELC’s expire, then I would pass on Karlsson.   


2) If it’s extremely unlikely that you can get Pettersson, Boeser, and Hughes to sign discounts when their ELC’s expire, then you absolutely go after Erik Karlsson in this off season.  Period.  


Throw massive coinage at Karlsson, and worry about potential cap complications later.......IF it’s inevitable that our RFA core will get significant raises anyways and WON’T take discounts.


IF Karlsson signed here, the Canucks would likely have to alter their strategy.


If Karlsson signed here, I think the Canucks’ greatest chance to make a cup run would be within the next 2-3 years (while atleast one of Pettersson and Hughes are on ELC’s).   


IF the Canucks signed Karlsson on July 1st, then I would highly suggest “trading 4 green houses for a red hotel” in terms of trading strategy.


IF the Canucks signed Karlsson, the focus would be on winning a cup within the next 2-3 years.


IF the Canucks signed Karlsson, then maybe guys like Virtanen and Hutton could be packaged for a major winning piece right now.


I think all of the above is what it would TRULY entail if we signed Karlsson.   As for my opinion on the subject, I feel as follows:


It all depends on how likely it is that Pettersson, Boeser, and Hughes will sign discounts of some kind when their ELC’s expire.  If this is unlikely, then perhaps we really do need to go the Erik Karlsson route.

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7 minutes ago, KKnight said:

I rather go after Panarin, Lee, Nelson or to a lesser degree Ferland. 


For defence I would watch the trade market. Maybe a Severson, Colin Miller or Josh Manson becomes available. 

I like the defensemen you're looking at. That's the right idea.

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13 minutes ago, RonMexico said:

It's just the wrong time. Adding Karlsson types is only a good idea when you are close to contending. Older, expensive, often injured players are what this team needs to ship out, not bring in.

Exactly. Beagle and Edler are fine as veteran players who can still contribute to the team. Adding Karlsson would be too costly for a player who is slowly leaving his prime. I'd rather have Shea Weber at $7M a season, as he would provide guidance and leadership on the back end and is still a man mountain. I highly doubt Montreal would part with him though.

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58 minutes ago, Crabcakes said:

This is the Canucks core:

  • Horvat 24
  • Boeser 22
  • Pettersson 20
  • Hughes 19
  • + even younger

So lets add a 28 year old who is going to want maximum term and maximum money and has big questions about his health




They say paying your top players is fine but when they are not part of the core of the team, you risk having to trade your core players later.  This is a fools errand.


The Leafs did something very similar last year when they signed Johnny Pajama's for 7 years and $11M.  He's 28 too


Now, they are facing a cap crunch as some of their top young players are coming off their entry level contracts.  Some good players have to go.  



EK is an elite D man.  JB was in Boston when they signed an older Chara as a UFA.  I don’t really know if getting EK would be good or bad over the term, but I could see JB trying to repeat what he was part of in Boston. 

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