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Ride Hailing: Uber and Lyft Approved to Operate, Judge Refuses to Grant Injunction In Taxi Lawsuit


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As ride-hailing vehicles prepare to hit B.C. streets, the Vancouver Taxi Association is voicing concerns about the new rules released Monday by the Passenger Transportation Board.

On Monday, the Passenger Transportation Board announced there will be no initial limits on fleet size for ride-hailing companies, but a cap could be imposed later if congestion becomes an issue. 


Board chair Catherine Read also said the minimum rate a transportation network service may charge will be equivalent to the taxi base rate, but price surging will be allowed.


Ride-hailing companies will also have larger operating areas, unlike taxi companies in the Lower Mainland, which have geographic restrictions on which passengers they can serve based on which municipality they belong to. 


Carolyn Bauer, a spokesperson for the Vancouver Taxi Association and a general manager at Yellow Cab, said the new rules are "clearly not in the interest of the public at all."


"We feel that this is bad public policy," Bauer said. 

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They cried like little girls with skinned knees here in the US also, and still lost the fight almost everywhere anyways.


Both Uber and Lyft are burning through investor cash like crazy so it's only a matter of time until the well dries up and everyone is stuck with just the taxi companies again. 


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Only makes sense that a company or employee who is "taxi driving" people around should have their class 4. It isn't an expensive license to get, so if people are too lazy to invest a tiny amount in order to get a 2nd job or career if thats your choice then too bad for you. There are rules for a reason.


My biggest pet peeve is Class 1 drivers, I drive alot at my current job and I cant count on my hands and toes in this year alone how many brake checks I have stopped at, while seeing a big rig stop in after me, go take a piss hop back in their semi and continue driving...so much for your brake check eh!! Guess thats what a "professional'' driver does though. That and driving far to aggressive for the size and weight of their vehicle and making poor decisions on the road making all regular drivers slow right the F--k down so they can do 5 km/hr more than another semi and take 2 km to pass while impacting hwy speeds by 20-60 km/hr.


The way I see if, if you want to make $ picking up drunk people, drive your friends around and charge them if you don't want to go get your class 4. I want to drive a double axle tree truck or dump truck by my air brakes isnt good enough, so I have to pony up some $$$ if I want my class 3. I cant just go drive one...Get your class 4 or go work for skip the dishes instead haha

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4 minutes ago, DADDYROCK said:

This industry and a few more are about to go the way of the dodo,

self driving vehicles are right around the corner and then no more taxi,bus,truck "drivers",so let them just think about that for a minute.

Be a scary day when vehicles drive themselves, I aint that old but I will never buy a vehicle that self drives. Don't trust that, plus I enjoy driving

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23 minutes ago, bishopshodan said:

F the taxi's

It will be nice to have the options.


Hear it's going to start to costing more though....Isn't Uber losing money and having driver strikes?

They lost something like 5 billion dollars they have never made money

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I've been using ride sharing in many countries around the world. It still blows my mind that I can use Grab (a ride sharing app) in rural Vietnam, but it doesn't exist in Vancouver.


The only two cities that I was surprised to not see much ride-sharing were in Seoul and Tokyo. Seoul has an awesome taxi service though, with a good app to boot. Tokyo has one of the most efficient train systems in the world, and so it's never really necessary to take an Uber or Taxi. 


I remember needing to take a cab in Vancouver last February (during the snowstorm). I was downtown at a club, and needed to head back to Delta. Every single cab driver rejected us, stating that they could only drive within the downtown core. My friends and I were freezing in the snow for two hours before we finally hailed a cab at 4:30 in the morning. We even called many cab companies, with them stating that a cab was on the way. No cab came. 


The cab drivers in Vancouver are ridiculously corrupt. Other cities have corrupt cab drivers too, but at least they have ride sharing options. I am excited to see ride-sharing finally come into this city. It's 5 years too late.



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3 hours ago, Violator said:

Took an uber in vegas it was seamless and easy you know how much it costs you and they have a standard for vehicles and all types of vehicles.

Used Uber many times on a recent trip to California. Great service, very convenient, easy to setup & use.


Its a joy whether planning a ride in advance, or getting one on the spot. Sooner its here the better.

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I used Uber extensively last year in Florida.  It was great.  Everything programmed in the app.  Drivers knew exactly where they were going.  The Cars were clean and the drivers for the most part were friendly.  Knew what it cost before I got there.  Also you can track how much time it would be before they picked you up.  


Had to take a taxi from YVR back to my home.  The Taxi was dirty and smelly.  The driver had trouble understanding where I wanted to go even though I live in Richmond.  No GPS.  Bad experience all around.  Hope ride sharing works here because we really need it.



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