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Where y’all from?

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2 hours ago, EP Phone Home said:

Vancouver but also have property in Whistler and Cortes Island. 



I will say say that I love how Canuck Nation is spread out representing our team and our colours through out the rest of the world. WE ARE ALL CANUCKS!

Cortes is my favorite island. Gateway to Desolation Sound

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1 hour ago, Alflives said:

Didn't Yarrow used to be a lake?  Excellent farm land now though.  

Yarrow used to sumas lake.  They drained it and built the dyke for the Vedder river.  It flooded twice while I was growing up there. Nature wants it's Lake back

Lots of East Indian (berries) and Dutch dairy farms there 

I think they drained that in the forties.  

Are you a history buff of something Alf?

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1 hour ago, Agoork said:

Denmark is flat, farm country with no wild nature.  Very civilized, clean, high standard of living, free university, free health care, but its expensive and has very high taxes.

Yes, I had heard all of that. So obviously despite the high cost of living you enjoy life there?

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20 hours ago, 70seven said:

Sorry. I know this is “Canucks Talk”, but since “We Are All Canucks”, it felt like the correct spot to post!  :bigblush:


I live in Medicine Hat...  and would like to  connect with other die hard Nucks fans...  cause all the Oilers and Flames fans, on top of the leafs fans... just making me sick...


Any other Hatter Nuck fans out there?



Where y’all from?


Feel free to use this thread to connect!!

From Nanaimo, went to Calgary, and then moved to Texas.  I may have not been born in Texas but I got there as fast as a I could. 


And by the way, I was one of Beagle's pastors when I lived in Calgary.  He would come in Sunday morning with his rep jacket on and sit on the back row. I joked with him that one day he will play for the Vancouver Canucks.


I can tell you this: I worked for his dad when he broke his ankle after getting his skate stuck in the dasher

 board. I also spent my summers working with his grandfather doing intersection underground wiring systems. Jay comes from an amazing hard working family.

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