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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights | Sep 1, 2020 | Golden Knights lead series 3-1

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9 hours ago, Nucks94forever said:

Elliot Friedman just said on the panel that Marky is either very tired or banged up. Wonders if Canucks start Demko tomorrow.


Personally, I would be okay with it. If we have ANY chance of coming back in this series, Demko has to start at least one game. Rather he start a game 5 instead of a 6 or 7. Also, we gotta show a little more faith in Demko. Who knows, a fresh goalie could steal a game.

Could be Marky’s last game for the Nucks. He won’t be on the bench with out a fight. Definitely will go down swinging.

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Maybe they'll actually tighten up the D game if Demko is in. Sometimes I wonder if they just assume Markstrom will be back there to save the day. Better D boys, don't give them nuthin'.  So, no Justin Bailey then?  I guess we'll have to try and win with smarts. 

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10 hours ago, TNucks1 said:

IM Guessing same as roberts last GDT lol, this is just a temporary one untill someone who knows how too make a decent one lol.

Hey if we win tonight your up man.   Easy to forget that we won five in a row not that long ago so anything’s possible with this team.   Nobodies tried to close us out yet and when we are ON nobody can beat us either - and now our backs are against the wall.    We’ve proved often enough during the regular season too (play against the best and dominate them when we are on).   This is one heck of a young team, well coached ( no matter what any arm-chair coach thinks - they aren’t coaching in the NHL and Travis Green is for good reason - look behind the curtain if you need to the information is available)  and just getting started.   We can do it!   Believe ...  who’s the hero(s) tonight.   

Edit:  Have we ever won 5 in a row?  Maybe against SJ then Boston?  It’s got to at least tie a club record.

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34 minutes ago, deus.ex.makina said:

lets initiate the comeback : all eyes and spirit towards game 5.

game 6 is in another world

game 7 is in another universe.

Yep.   Except unfortunately for all involved game 6 is also in EDM, same with game 7. 

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