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[GDT] Canucks VS Ducks | November 9th, 7pm

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9 hours ago, Rindiculous said:

Guys off to an incredible start...but guess who also has a 5th round pick in 2015, who also had the longest active point streak in the league to start this season at the 6 game mark?


Yes, it's our angry little elf:




Connor McGarland?

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13 minutes ago, Devron44 said:

I still can’t believe we robbed OEL and Garland from Arizona

Yup. Funny enough there are still a couple haterz that pop up claiming Arizona will win the trade in several years because of the cap space. :picard:Isn't life too short to be that much of a whiner and complainer? Geez whiz, enjoy life when you can lol.

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8 hours ago, FaninMex said:

Smile. Try being happy. You can post something positive once. It might make you feel good too.

I wasn’t being negative at all. I was saying that how Colorado (or anyone else) is struggling has nothing to do with why the Canucks have been struggling and it also doesn’t mean our team is better than they have been. People bring up those kind of false equivalencies all the time to try to minimize the problems with the Canucks.

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6 hours ago, Alienhuggyflow said:

The Avs were considered the #1 team in the west we weren't.  They started the season missing Toews and Nate for a couple of games but still a team picked by many to win the cup should have the depth to cover that. 

They had a pretty soft schedule as well.

The truth is they have looked really bad and their pp has been as bad as ours hell  worse even.

Their fans sound a lot like the ones here whining about TG but the truth is just like our top guys they have struggled but they haven't had very good goaltending and have been bad defensively 5on5.

Literally their only bright spot has been Bowen,  EJ, LOC and Kadri. The rest have been pretty bad.


They lost a ton of depth and their young forwards haven't filled the void.


At least here we have seen improvements in some areas, the Avs have literally regressed in every facet and being made of glass doesn't help.

Sadd made a comment about their core having maturity issues and most felt he was taking a shot at Mack,you guys think JT sulks and has bad energy? Mack is a tyrant even in games he yells and his teammates and coaches and when your top 3 in the league maybe it slides but when you are part of the problem it comes across much differently.


Honestly and I've said this before but guys like you who constantly post negative stuff should watch more out of town games, I know that you don't just based off some of the comments you make. 

We are far from perfect but there are a lot of teams even teams currently with better records who have far bigger issues. The Avs, leafs, Rangers, Vegas, Habs, just to name a few. 

I'm not saying we are going to turn things around and other teams won't but I would rather have elite goaltending and good 5on5 play over teams that are winning because of special teams. Over the long run special teams seem to balance out, teams that win are almost always good 5on5 with great goaltending. Besides we have way to much talent on the pp to not be at least middle of the pack and the pk should get better, it might be our weakness but it should improve once we get a few guys back and a few guys off who shouldn't be on there in the first place.




I watch a lot of different teams actually. I wasn’t one of those people who had the Avs pegged as a #1 overall team. They simply lost too much last off-season IMO.

I still don’t see how my point was negative at all. It’s simply reality. How does Colorado struggling have anything to do with the Canucks struggling? How does struggling less than another team mean our team is any better than they have actually been? One has nothing to do with the other. It’s a false equivalency solely designed to somehow suggest the Canucks struggles are not as bad as they have been.


People here do it all the time. Green isn’t a bad coach because X coach is worse. Benning has made less mistakes than X GM so he must be awesome. Player X on the Canucks is great because Player Y on another team is garbage. Etc etc etc.


Its a coping mechanism for people who don’t have the ability to look objectively at faults of their own team.



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6 hours ago, Ur a Towel said:

And their top players aren't playing as well as they should be even when they are healthy. 

Point was that it's still early on and things can change quickly. I fully expect the Avs to finish ahead of us by the end of the year, but we aren't the only team struggling. 

It is early on. Things can change for any team really. Another team struggling has nothing to do with why the Canucks are struggling and it doesn’t make the Canucks struggles any less significant. That was my point.

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5 minutes ago, StanleyCupOneDay said:

I agree, it’s crazy how much we fleeced them.

Oliver-Ekman Larsson after 12 games is on pace for 21 points. He is a +3 and eats 20-25 minutes a game. He has 42 shots, the most of anyone else on the team. The points will be coming soon if he keeps shooting like this.


Conor Garland after 12 games is on pace for 75 points. He has the best +- on the team at +6 tied with Hughes. He makes any line he plays on better.




2021 1st round pick aka Dylan Guenther

2022 2nd round pick TBD

2023 7th round pick TBD


Bonus: Shed $12m of dead weight cap space


Extra bonus: AZ retains 12% of OEL’s cap hit


Grand slam home run on this trade.

Too early, to judge the trade but looking good right now.

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