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The 1st Domino

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I suppose one could argue that the Canucks played better than they really were when we won those playoff rounds a few years ago.  That likely caused some on the team to think that, "hey, we're really good...lets keep the train going"    Did EP and QH really think that this team would compete for a SC in the near future?  


Well, does anyone know the cause of this decline?  I know the team says "we're tight.....we're on the same page....we have a strong leadership core...etc.."  


But do they?    Is the locker room split and divided?  Why?   By whom?     When/How did it start?



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Man just see how things look later.   Nobody has any patience with this group anymore which is understandable.   But how many threads do we need?  Might as well just re-hash our 7th overall finish first round exit to Calgary again, and how that fooled us back then that the re-tool was working. 

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25 minutes ago, BCNate said:

1st move is to fire Green and being in new assistants. 


We have amateur level systems.  Bring in an experienced NHL coach with NHL systems, and I feel our team will get back into this.  


My money would be on Babcock.  He is worth a second chance.

Isnt he still making $6M+ a year from the Leafs deal ?

That would be voided if he signed on as a coach.


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The first domino really should be Aqua selling the team but that ain't gonna happen so the next best thing to clean out management cause Jim is a compromised GM now whether this mess is his fault or not. He will not get full value in any player transactions at this point. 


Let a new GM do any trades cause the opposing GM will know them that he can't buy our players pennies on the dollar. 

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15 minutes ago, Russ said:

Needs to start with Jim and Wiesbrod.  Need a new GM to get a feel and start getting the ball rolling.  This seasons toast already, may as well run it out with Green and let the next GM figure stuff out.

Jim an Weisbrod can sing this song sharing a bottle of whiskey…



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4 hours ago, Heretic said:

Marmalade...I like marmalade.

Wait a sec everybody. You're all so consumed with the Canucks that you are missing an obvious call for help. 

This person is giving us a signal. Perhaps a cry for help. Maybe they've been kidnapped or worse. 

I mean, no one likes actually likes marmalade

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