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NHL Mascots 2022 Ranking

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This is about where our logo and uniforms would rank too if were being honest.   Nobody likes to be told what you have isn't really that great .... Waiting for TigerHeart to join in on this, surprised this isn't another uniform thread already so might as well jumpstart it lol.    Accepted it is what it is ... but man did Horvat, Miller and the guys rock the black skate.   Even QHs looked bad ass.    Cue the freaking out lol.   That's bait just like the octopus.   At least Orca's are the top of the food chain.  

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21st? Oh man. Not a Mascot playoff team, but not in a great position for a top Mascot draft pick either. It all sounds too familiar. Even the racist Tommy Hawk beat us out. 


Maybe the Rangers are onto something as the only team without mascot.

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