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[Rumour] Time's up! Finish your last sentence...


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5 minutes ago, CanuckleHorse said:

Please be the straw that breaks the camels back for many of these fair weather fans so we rid ourselves of those fake doom and gloom idiots!

If you check the comments of the more casual fan base, moves like Hronek were overwhelming popular. If you don't believe me, go check the Facebook post about it. The majority saw it as a good move since we need a defensemen and it makes the team better.


More hardcore fans who follow the team on fan forums such as this and Reddit are much more critical of the move. That's not even to mention media pundits both local and around the NHL are generally down on the trade and think it wasn't the right move, at least right now.


But yeah, curse them "fair weather fans"...

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8 minutes ago, eeeeergh said:

Im kinda satisfied even if this is where they stop


An OEL + Garland buyout opens up about 8m in cap space

A Myers trade opens up 6m


More moves can be made in the offseason, but the sequence of moves you described is a pretty tidy piece of work. 

We're dead in the water. What a nightmare lol. Bottom 6 team 8 mil over cap. Thanks Miller!

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Just now, Quint said:

What is the record for time elapsed after the deadline to a thing being announced. I seem to remember it was close to an hour with Hodgson for Kassian...

I think another was an hour and a half to 2 hours? 

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7 minutes ago, stawns said:

an OEL buyout puts them on the hook for almost $5m when Petey needs to re-signed.  That should be a fireable offense, imo

Allvin will be fired if he brings up OEL buy out to Aquillini. 

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