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(Newer than the newest) 2019-2020 Time Capsule Prediction Thread

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Bo should finally be named captain but could go to EP as he was a Benning pick

EP will have a sophmore jinx season but still get 20 goals

Brock bounces back

Jake shows no significant improvement

OJ busts

Team will finish worse that last season as the goaltending will not bail the team out this time

goals scored to allowed ratio will be bottom 4

Benning signs ferland to an NTC deal and overpayment

Injuries and Gillis will continue to be the scapegoats 




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Ok here we go

Petterson breaks 70 points 36 goals and 34 assists.

Horvat leads the team in goal scoring with 38 goals, 38 assists as his regular line mates and Sutter and Beagle being healthy most of the year are the difference although JT  Miller does not score as expected. Baertschi has a career year with Bo

Gaudette starts the year in utica but cannot be stopped and is called up mid season for the rest of the year

Sutter has 20 goals and CDC goes nuts wanting him to be traded. He is moved at the trade deadline.

Virtanen struggles to score but still hits 12 goals.

Loui Eriksson starts the year in Vancouver but as the season progresses the Canucks have to find room for a hot Gaudette and he is papered down to Utica but does not report.

Leivo has 15 goals.

Goldobin is waived and picked up by Ottawa

Schaller is waived and stays in Utica.

The Canuck D stay healthier but still cannot keep Tanev healthy. Edler Myers Benn play 70 plus games each.

Quinn Hughes has a rough start to the year but improves as the year goes on. No Calder

Ferland is as advertised and goes to the net regularly to pot 25 garbage goals.

Demko still struggles to find his form, plays in 20 games finishes 8-8-4

Markstrom continues to play well and plays in 62 games. He has a hot streak winning 9 in a row. finishes the season 34-19-9

Canucks finish the year with 97 points make the playoffs and get bounced in round 1

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Playoffs here we come. 

How far we go in the playoffs could depend on the match ups. 

Note: This posted before the Ferland signing. Playoffs for sure. 

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On a team he wants to be on and feeling empowered by the trust of Canucks management's belief in him, Tyler Myers takes a step forward in his play and is slightly better than expected.


Quinn Hughes gets 40 points


Elias Pettersson gets 85 points


Bo Horvat gets 70 points, 35 goals 


Brock Boeser gets 35 goals


Jake Virtanen gets 20 goals. Canucks fans start to come around on him, are glad he wasnt traded at the draft.


Canucks surprise with a hardworking effort and end up in round 2 of the playoffs. Lose round 2 in 5 games to a strong team.


Optimistic predictions but I stand by them. Could be many reasons to a happy Canucks fan this year.

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We barely miss the playoffs.

Win the lottery.


JB gets 'fired' to President of Hockey Ops and Chiapet becomes the new GM.


Fails to make playoff for the next ten years while winning 4 1st overall pick.... Sorry, got side tracked, was thinking of the Oilers there. 

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Petey-34 goals, 41 assists

Boese-35 goals, 32 assists

Ferland-23 goals, 27 assists

Bo-30 goals, 36 assists

Miller- 21 goals 33 assists

Edler 43 points

Hughes 41 points



Canucks finish in 4th place in Pacific and win one round of Playoffs.


Top 10 Power Play. Middle of the pack Penalty Kill.


Big trade before deadline.


Markstrom still plays solid. Demko starts slowly and gets better as the season progresses.


Edler and Meyers gel and play solid hockey for us.


The sniveling whiners are running out of things to snivel and whine about, but that won't stop them. They'll just create new whining slants like who is our Captain etc.


Atlantic:  Tampa                        Metro:   Washington

                Boston                                     NY Islanders

               Toronto                                     Pittsburg

               Montreal                                   Philly


Central:   St Louis                   Pacific:   Calgary

                 Colorado                                Vegas

                 Dallas                                      San Jose

                 Winterpeg                              Vancouver

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Horvat gets named Captain at the start of the season and Henrik hands him the "C" jersey

EP gets 70 points

Brock scores 35 goals

Miller scores 20 goals

Hughes gets 35 points has a great rookie season

JV has his best season yet and hits 20 goals

Benn becomes a fan favorite

Sutter traded by the deadline

Canucks make the playoffs, lose first round, overall better than last year

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- Horvat named Captain

- Edler and Pettersson get the "A"s

- Hughes nominated for the Calder, but loses to Kakko

- Boeser scores over 30 goals

- Pettersson gets 80+ points

- Tanev doesn't play more than 50 games

- Virtanen is traded

- Goldobin goes back to Russia

- Baertschi retires (health)

- Canucks make the playoffs and win their 1st series

- Benning nominated for GM of the Year, but loses to Sakic (damn Avs)


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I predict:


1. Zack MacEwen is the forward with size we've been searching for (and he's been in our system the whole time).

2. Demko and Markstrom make a formidable tandem, but Thatcher endears himself to the fanbase with his more approachable demeanour and penchant for otherworldly saves. Think Cory Schneider.

3. Horvat named captain. Has career year. Shows a ton of intensity leading up to/in the playoffs. His eternal nice-guy schtick fades a bit, Bo finally gets angry.

4. Myers proves to be a capable, (tall) vanilla Dman. Maybe scores a couple slappers. Nobody wants his head at the end of the season, he plays fine.

5. Stecher builds on his progress last year and takes from his experience at the Worlds. Outperforms Myers both offensively and defensively.

6. Pettersson hits 90 points. Boeser 30 goals. JT Miller flourishes with these two on his line, becomes close friends with Brock. Adds a physical edge (and quality team banter) to the lineup.

7. Hughes has a handful of 'rookie moments' but overall proves that he's one of the best young defensemen in the game. Team speed increases exponentially due to Hughes' contribution. Canucks are considered a 'fast, young team'.

8. Jake Virtanen scores 18 goals. Close to the 20-mark we all hope for, but not close enough. Learns from JT Miller on how to contribute in other areas. Tries to prove his worth by becoming more physical. Likely traded at year end.

9. Tanev plays well in the 55 games he appears in.

10. Jordie Benn plays a subtle, solid game. Becomes fan favourite... less to do with his on-ice play, but more to do with his beard.



I have no faith in Goldobin. Not even sure he makes the opening day roster.



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Canucks get third in the division behind Vegas and Calgary.  We get another Calgary and Vancouver matchup and Canucks win this time and like every time they beat Calgary they go to the cup final. (One can dream right :bigblush:)


Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat all score 30 goals for the first time in their career.


They get Tyson Barrie at the trade deadline from Toronto for Tanev+ and resign him.


Sutter and Eriksson contracts get offloaded.  Sutter traded Eriksson gets terminated when he doesn’t report to Utica.


Possibly more to come.

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I will try and keep it brief and vague (increase my odds of getting some right ;)). 


Playoffs, it’s happening

bo brock and Pete all hit 30 Gs

top 10 pk

top 15 pp

petey wins team MVP

edler wins best D-man

Sutter is traded before the draft

Canes win the cup

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Petterson 32G 54A 86P

Boeser 33 G 36A 69P

JT Miller 24G 34A 56P

Horvat (C) 31G  40A 71P

Pearson 21G 21A 42P 

Ferland 22G 20A 42P


Hughes 39P

Myers 36P

Edler 34P



Marky  30W 21L 5OT/SO       Games 56

Demko 12W 10L 4OT/SO        Games 26


42W-31L-9OT/SO = 93PTS


These predictions for FWDS and DMEN are based off them playing a full 82 game schedule or close to it (75+) 



Canucks make playoffs WIN in first round! Lose in 2nd in 6 games



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These threads are tons of fun for me. I'll reserve my spot until after the pre-season and make proper predictions then on October 8. EDIT: Not Oct 8 lol.


Alright, here we go:


Skater Stat Predictions:

2019-20 Canucks Stats Season Predictions Skaters.png





Pettersson: Pettersson shows notable improvement and consistency, but doesn't rock the NHL...yet. Misses a few games due to injury, but not too many.


Boeser: Boeser shows a slight improvement and returns to 2018-19 form. Cracks 70 games for the first time, but still misses 8 games to injury.


Horvat: Bo finally shows that he's beginning to plateau. Hits a career high 62 points despite missing one game (in contrast to last year's 82 games). Settles in as a steady 60+ point producer. Also gets the C on the home opener.


Miller: Meshes well with the team and settles into a role as a playmaker who can also score some goals. Returns closer to his numbers with the Rangers with more top 6 minutes.


Ferland: Sometimes bounces around the lineup, but plays mostly on the top 6. Primarily picks up garbage goals. Misses a few games to injury, as is the norm for him.


Pearson: Isn't scoring as well as the end of last year, but still produces admirably with 19 goals, largely thanks to chemistry with Horvat and Miller's great passing.


Baertschi: Doesn't spend long in Utica and returns to play most of the season with the Canucks. Bounces around all over the lineup, but puts up mostly solid numbers, in line with his career averages. Scores 9 points in 8 AHL games before being called up. Is healthy except for minor injuries.


Gaudette: Is the exciting story of the year. Produces at a very solid 3rd line rate and shows tons of promise. Finishes top 10 in Calder voting.


Sutter: Has a big bounce back year. Returns to his old ways and plays all 82 games, scoring 16 goals.


Roussel: Injury takes longer than hoped to heal, but he's pretty much the same as last year when he returns. Good for playmaking and meshes well with Sutter and Gaudette upon return.


Virtanen: Jake struggles a bit and doesn't take the jump many hope he will. Is a healthy scratch occasionally.


Eriksson: Seems to lose a lot of drive. Plays a fair number of games because of his smart game, but lack of motivation drives Green to scratch him a few times.


Beagle: Suffers injuries, like he usually does, but plays more than last year. Produces points at the same rate.


Schaller: Improved consistency over last year, but still not as good as his final year in Boston. Is a fairly frequent healthy scratch.


Leivo: Jumps in and out of the lineup. Suffers some injuries as well. Underperforms.


Goldobin: Gets called up with a bevy of forward injuries and puts up some points, but not enough to get Green to turn a blind eye to other game play issues.


Motte: Suffers injuries, but is also a frequent healthy scratch. Doesn't have the fire of 2019-20 anymore.


MacEwen: Plays 3 games when injuries get really bad and looks good.



Edler: Somewhat falls back, but still has an excellent season. Is our best defenseman during the year and barely beats out Hughes for the Babe Pratt Trophy.


Hughes: Has many highlight reel moments, but struggles a bit with consistency. Makes some mistakes and has a couple of long cold streaks. Still has a very successful rookie season and finishes 5th in Calder voting.


Myers: Becomes the new whipping boy of fans. Can put up points, but often makes glaring errors that lead to giveaways. His goals are welcome from the blue line though.


Tanev: Has the best offensive year of his career playing with Hughes. Plays a surprising number of games and scores 23 points in 68 games.


Stecher: Nothing new to see here. Stecher has a similar year to last--good defense and modest offense.


Benn: Offense drops off quite a bit from last year in Montreal. Settles into a more purely defensive role than previously in his career.


Biega: Battles with Fantenberg for the #7 spot and by the end of the year, wins it over from him. Shows he can still put up points.


Fantenberg: Pure defense and plays a boring style of hockey. Generally safe playstyle, but anemic offense encourages team to look to Biega as the #7 guy again.



2019-20 Canucks Stats Season Predictions Goalies.png


Markstrom: Similar numbers to last year. Still has some consistency issues, but they're not as big as they were in the past.


Demko: Continues to look better and better. Has slightly better numbers than Marky. Team wins often in front of Demko.


Final results:

2019-20 Canucks Stats Season Predictions Team.png


Team sees noteworthy improvement. Falls just short of the playoffs with two games remaining in the season. No players win any individual NHL awards. Hughes is the closest, finishing 5th in Calder voting. Green and Benning both keep their jobs. At least one Canuck gets traded, completely throwing my predictions out of wack.



Non-Canuck Predictions:

McDavid wins the Art Ross with about 120 points and also takes home his third Ted Lindsay. Oilers still suck.


Jack Hughes wins the Calder.


Devils improve dramatically and make the playoffs.

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-Team gets 95 points and makes playoffs

-90 pts for Petey

-65 pts for Bo

-60 pts for Brock

-40 pts for Hughes

-40 pts for Myers

-Edler plays 50 games or less

-JB wins GM of the year

-Tanev plays 80 games



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Team ends with 93 points is it enough for the playoffs, I'm not sure. I think the team starts off hot, but cools off around Christmas, they'll hover around  .500 until late February, when they pick it up  again. Petey gets 38 goals and 57 assists for 95 points

Brock gets 36 goals and 42 assists for 78 points

Bo gets 31  goals and 44 assists 75 points. 

Quinn gets 8 goals and 27 assists for 35 points. Unfortunately Kakko Makar and Jack Hughes are nominated for the Calder. 


Pacific division.

Calgary 103 pts

Vegas 99pts 

San Jose  97pts

Vancouver  93pts record  41-30-11

Arizona 92pts

Edmonton 91pts

Los Angeles 84 pts

Anaheim 81 pts


If we make the playoffs I suspect a second round exist. 


That's my hopes/predictions


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Opening night roster:                                                         To finish the season:


Ferland - Petterson - Boesser                                           Ferland -- Petterson  -- Boesser

Pearson - Bo - Miller                                                           Pearson - Bo  -- Miller

Sutter - Gaudette - Levo                                                           Roussel  - Gaudette -- Virtanen

Virtanen - Beagle - Motte                                                      MacEwen - Beagle - Motte

Eriksson - Schaller

  Roussel - IR                                                                                  (Eriksson)


Edler -      Myers                                                            Edler  -- Stecher

Hughes -  Tanev                                                             Hughes - Myers

Benn -   Stecher                                                                Benn -  Tryamkin 

 Fantenburg                                                                                Fantenburg


Markstrom                                                                       Markstrom

Demko:       (30 games)                                                  Demko



 Sutter and Tanev, traded at the deadline  -- Gaudette and OJ called up to replace them

Tryamkin signs at the end of his season -- OJ is sent back down




  • finish 1 pt out of playoffs -- win the lottery and pick 2nd OA.
  • PP finishes in the top 10
  • PK finishes in the top 10
  • Calder voting results in a:     Hughes -- Kakko -- Hughes finish  (I'll let you guess which one is ours)
  • Petterson gets a few Hart votes
  • Horvat named captain, leads the league in face-offs again and receives more Selke votes than Petterson gets Hart votes.

That's it for now.



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updated during pre-season.

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