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(Newer than the newest) 2019-2020 Time Capsule Prediction Thread

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Time again to dust off your crystals balls ladies and gents!


On the eve of free agency, I thought it would be a good time to start thinking about our predictions for the season.


The rules are the same:


1) Everyone gets one post (please be honest) in which they are allowed to post their prediction for the upcoming season.


2) This post can be edited as much as you like right up until the Canucks' opening night


3) Before the Canucks’ season opener this thread will locked, sealed and pinned by a moderate for everyone to monitor their, and others, successes and failures at reading tea leaves, palms, the stars, tarot cards to predict the upcoming season. This will hopefully fuel some interesting discussions at the end of the season.


4) Please, NO DISCUSSION WITHIN THIS THREAD, until it is re-opened. It will only get messy.


5) You can include anything you want in your post and it does not have to be restricted to the Canucks - standings, line-ups, trades, proposal predictions, champions  ect.

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Bo hits 30g. He’s been improving his totals every year.


Brock 30 as well 


EP closer to 40g with 85p


Hughes with 45 points. Neither of brothers win the Calder. That honor goes to Kakko.


Canuck are 2nd in the Pacific. 2nd round knock out.


Tampa gets their playoff sh!t together and hoists the cup.

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Quinn hughes will collect 30-35 pts this year along with a positive +/-


Markstrom struggles eventually losing the number 1 job to demko


Demko finishes qith a .900-.910 sv% starting over 30 games


Only one of brock/EP net more than 30 goals this year. 


Miller finishes second in team pts


Tanev plays 82 games


Virtanen scores 20 or more goals


Canucks are the second wild card team


Canucks lose 4-1 in the first round 


Edler gets more than 50pts


Horvat is a selke finalist

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I finally get a girlfriend who also enjoys Canucks hockey. We break up after the Canucks are eliminated from the playoffs because she chose to ride the bandwagon of the team that eliminated us.


Pettersson scores 99 points: 33 goals and 66 assists while playing in 81 games. Wins the Ted Lindsay Award and Lady Byng Trophy.


Boeser scores 43 goals with 40 assists for 83 points in 77 games. Career highs in all categories.


Horvat is named captain on the home opener. He scores 36 goals and 34 assists for 70 points. Wins the Frank J. Selke Trophy.


Baertschi gets send down. Clears waivers. Gets to 100% health. Scores a lot of points in the AHL. Gets his confidence back. Is called up in mid-November due to injury on main roster. Becomes the Canucks' 1st line LW. Scores 21 goals and 26 assists for 47 points in just 52 games.


Gaudette makes the team out of training camp. He scores 18 goals and 13 assists for 31 points in 69 games.


Miller scores 23 goals while adding 32 assists for 55 points in 79 games.


Ferland scores 19 goals and 19 assists for 38 points in 67 games.


Pearson scores 22 goals and 20 assists for 42 points in 75 games.


Virtanen scores 26 goals and 15 assists for 41 points in 82 games.


Beagle scores 19 points with 9 goals and 10 assists in 68 games.


Roussel returns to the lineup in late-December. He finishes with 15 goals and 12 assists for 27 points in 44 games.


Motte scores 6 goals and 6 assists for 12 points in just 48 games.


Eriksson scores 8 goals and 6 assists for 14 points in 39 games.


Hughes lights it up! He scores 17 goals and 41 assists for 58 points in 74 games. He wins the Calder Trophy.


Myers becomes an Alternate Captain. He scores 11 goals while adding 32 assists for 43 points in 82 games.


Edler scores 11 goals while adding 23 assists for 34 points in 63 games.


Tanev scores 5 goals while adding 18 assists for a career high of 23 points in a career high of 71 games played.


Benn plays in all 82 games accumulating 6 goals and 19 assist for 25 points while also fighting 5 times.


Fantenberg scores 2 goals and 8 assists for 10 points in 35 games.


Juolevi is called up and scores 1 goal and 1 assist in 7 games.


Markstrom plays 45 games winning 24 games with a GAA of 2.75 and Save % of 0.913.

Demko plays 30 games winning 19 games with a GAA of 2.48 and Save % of 0.927.


DiPietro gets called up and plays 7 games this season, winning 3 of those games.


Green is nominated for the Coach of the Year award.


Benning is nominated for the GM of the Year award.


Canucks finish 3rd in the Western Conference. 


We are eliminated in the Western Conference Finals in 7 games.


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Jake Virtanen scores 26 goals.

Quinn Hughes win the Calder.

Brock Boeser scores 44 goals.

Pettersson wins the Hart.

Pettersson scores 104 points

Demko wins 30 games.

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1 bold prediction though: Quinn Hughes scores 57 points - EDIT: Just shy of 4 points with 53

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1. Zack MacEwen will crack the Canucks roster. - wrong

2. Elias Pettersson will score 92 points, 36 goals, 56 assists.

3. Bo Horvat will score 68 points. 30 goals, 38 assists.

4. Brock Boeser will score 73 points, 41 goals, 32 assists.

5. Quinn Hughes will score 47 points, 12 goals, 35 assists.

6. JT Miller will score 54 points, 22 goals, 32 assists.

7. Tyler Myers scores 32 points, 7 goals, 25 assists.

8. Demko takes the starting job from Markstrom. 

9. Tanev misses 36 games. 

10. Baertschi scores 40 points, 19 goals, 21 assists.

11. Jett Woo plays 9 games for the Canucks. - wrong

12. Tanner Pearson will score 41 points, 19 goals, 22 assists.

13. Virtanen will score 28 points, 11 goals, 17 assists.

14. Adam Gaudette makes the team.

15. Adam Gaudette scores 37 points, 13 goals, 24 assists.

Troy Stecher will score 26 points, 4 goals, 22 assists.

16. Alex Edler will score 36 points, 6 goals, 30 assists. 

17. Zack MacEwan wills score 17 points, 5 goals, 12 assists. 

18. Mac will have 180+ hits.

19. Leivo will have 39 points, 19 goals, 20 assists.

20. Ferland will have 46 points, 22 goals, 24 assists

21. Ferland will have 200+ hits

22. Juolevi will play 32-40 games.

24. Sutter will post less than 20 points.

25. Adam Gaudette will score 36 points. 14 goals, 22 assists.

26. Brandon will continue to be a blackhole of offense. 

27. Markstrom makes 1850+ saves, posts a 

.914 and a 2.67 GAA. 

28. Petey shoots an 18% shooting percentage.

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  • Canucks will make the playoffs
  • Elias Pettersson will lead the team in points
  • Brock Boeser will lead the team in goals
  • Elias Pettersson will lead the team in assists
  • Chris Tanev will have the highest +/-
  • Antoine Roussel will lead the team in penalty minutes
  • Brock Boeser will lead the team in shots on goal

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I will win the Art Ross Trophy, the Hart Memorial Trophy, the Lester B. Pearson Trophy and the Conn Smythe Trophy in 2020.


I will lead my team to win the Stanley Cup in 2020.  My buddy BO will be named captain of the team.  And my countryman Gustav Nyquist will score the winning goal in the Stanley Cup final...  :)

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Tryamkin returns to the Canucks in April 2020, just in time for the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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Pettersson - 38G 48A 86P

Boeser- 38G 37A 75P

Horvat- 30G 40A 70P

Miller- 23G 35A 58P

Ferland- 25G 26A 51P

Pearson- 22G 24A 46P

Gaudette- 20G 22A 42P

Virtanen- 15G 24A 39P

Rousell- 14G 24A 38P

Sutter- 16G 20A 36P

Baertschi- 13G 18A 31P


Hughes- 13G 29A 42P

Myers- 10G 25A 35P

Edler- 8G 21A 29P

Stecher- 4G 21A 25P



Eriksson waived 1st 1/4 of season

Schaller waived or traded during season

Tanev traded for a 1st at deadline

Sutter traded at deadline for a 2nd (money retained)

Markstrom traded due to Demko's outstanding play


Main predictions

Canucks miss the playoffs by 5 points

Quinn Hughes loses out Calder to his brother

MacEwen, Rafferty and Juolevi become regulars during the season

Tryamkin, Lockwood and Woo debut to end the season

Baertschi's career comes to an end due to another concussion

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Bold predictions.


Bennings moves pay off, added depth insulates Tanev and Edler - they both play 65 plus games.  


LE does not play in Utica - none of the young guys bump him off the roster.   He plays the same role, gets around the same many points and helps the top two lines get favourable match ups at home.


Our home record is impressive.  EP, Boeser and Horvat all get over 70 points for the first time.  Miller gets over sixty as well.  


Hughes plays around 70 games and gets around 45 points.  Elder and Myers also get over 30.  


EP gets 86 points - our future superstar is arriving.   


JV scores 20-20 on the third line.   Still doesn’t get top six time as he’s blocked by Boeser and Miller.  


Our second line is arguably our best line.  Our team essentially has a 1a and 1b line, just like the best teams in the NHL.  Bear-Horvat-Miller and Pearson-Horvat-Miller are both a handful.  Bear gets injured, Pearson plays for him.


Our record is  102 points, good for second in our division and home ice.   We play Calgary in the first round and beat them in five.  We lose in the second round to COL in 7 - in OT LE scores an own goal and fans start hating him more then Messier.  He’s shamed into retiring.


Markstrom doesn’t slip back into his career norm / continues to play very well.  Demko doesn’t supplant him but has similar stats.  


Hughes-Makar-Hughes are the Calder candidates.  J Hughes wins it ... three finalists in a row!


JB is a finalist for GM of the year and TG wins the Adams....


2021 Final is Vancouver-NYR.   We win  our first cup.  

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