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[Rumour] Red Wings have 'considerable interest' in Edler

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^But if you can land Tatar, + another good prospect/pick, it's certainly worth considering.

I'm not saying a trade is impossible but I do think it is doubtful. I don't think we would be getting their best prospect consider how bad Edler was last season, his value is at an all time low.

Any team that wants Edler will have low ball offers for him and rightfully so.

What to do with Edler is a true enigma.

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The problem is that Benning nor Linden will want to start off there career by asking someone to waive there NTC. It will set a bad example for any player who is considering signing here as a UFA.

Strongly disagree with this. I think one of the central mandates both Benning and Linden would have been given coming in was to make a push against some of these NTCs. They're free of any moral/negotiating dilemmas Gillis carries with him having been the one to offer the contract in the first place.

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I don't think they want to trade Mantha any more than the Canucks would want to trade Horvat.

Guys like Sheahan, Jurco, Smith and their 15th overall pick are far more likely to be names in the convo on the Wings side of things. Tatar isn't out of the realm of possibility , but players like Nyquist and Mantha are off the table as far as I've heard.

Edler is already working out in Vancouver. He likes his teammates and the city he plays in. Last I heard his statement was something along the lines of "I wouldn't have negotiated a no trade if I wanted to play somewhere else". That's a pretty firm statement imo. Doesn't mean he couldn't change his mind, but I sort of doubt it.

I could also see Edler turn his game around and reclaim that top pair d-man form. He's still relatively young in d-man years, and I believe that's why teams like Detroit are inquiring despite his rough patch of inconsistent play

I would still rather attempt to scoop up an offensive PMD for him to play with, especially on the PP. He had his best years with Ehrhoff, and looked real good playing beside Karlsson at the Olympics, where he managed to be a top pairing d-man on a team that played in the gold medal game.

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How many coaches do we go through before we decide enough is enough? AV lost him, Torts never had him, who's next? Honestly if he miraculously becomes good again for us, I'll be ecstatic. But I have my doubts. I guess we can keep drawing this out waiting for his inner Lidstrom to come out.

What is this? That coach comment is out of whack.

AV never lost Edler, what Edler lost was a consistent partner in Sami Salo. Edler was bank with Ohlund, Ehrhoff, and Salo. Without having a solid parter on the right side he's forced to do more than he's used to and is able of doing. The guy is not a defenseman who is capable of playing a 2-way game, he can either be an offensive beast or a defensive monster but you can't have both with Edler. Management and coaching need to decide on what kind of game they want Edler to play, only then will he be able to flourish.

Also Torts admitted to never having time for Edler, which is extremely embarrassing for Tortorella. Torts screwed over the whole team but he really did a number on a couple of players including Edler.

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The Red Wings will magically turn Eddy into a Norris calibre work horse. I can see it already. God damn.

Absolutely. They have it when it comes to 1D development; something the Canucks never had and so drafting a top D serves no purpose. Same goes for all positions and traits of an organization.

Having brought in Luongo created a culture of absolutely great goaltending; a par to reach, to strive for. Schneider got it. Lack was exposed to it, but most importantly, the organization acquired it in trading for Luongo in order to start the process. Lack and Markstrom will both benefit greatly by being part of the Vancouver Canucks as this measuring stick has been established by the since departed Luongo.

Kassian will become the Kassian Kassian wants to be because his favorite player was Bertuzzi and he had his best years in a Canucks uniform, but most of all, the Bertuzzi type force player was seen, studied and analyzed in this market; around the same time, a young Vancouver based kid grew up watching Bertuzzi; Lucic eventually went on to play for the Giants and dominate a Memorial Cup win.

Detroit trades for Edler, they turn him into a Norris trophy winning 1D; they've had Lidstrom as a par to strive for, as one of the best defenseman to ever play the game.

The Canucks must trade to bring in a T1D, so that in a few years, that culture is there to be grown. After that, whoever comes into the locker room has greats to look forward to as measuring sticks.

Here's Linden. A Legend in his own right. Horvat comes in. Who does he measure himself by?

How about Reinhart, who could be drafted by the Canucks if Benning chooses so?

But at defense, there is no set standard in Vancouver and that needs to change.

There's this kid Fowler in Anaheim... He was around as Niedermayer was retiring. With Pronger and Neidermayer part of the Anaheim organization, Fowler is that much better than he could have been on most teams.

Measuring sticks; culture; history.

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Id be willing to eat Weiss' contract with Mantha and a 1st for an Edler + combo.

Although I know the inevitable comments will pour in about how Edler is totally worthless. GM's still desire him regardless

I think this is a very good proposal. Weiss hasn't worked out in Detroit and carries a large cap hit. If Kesler is moved, there needs to be a #2 center brought in. Weiss could fill that role quite well.

Weiss, Mantha, 1st (15)


Edler, 2nd (36)

Detroit will somehow manage to make Edler a Norris winner and with that 2nd pick they pick up their next Zetterberg/Datsyuk.

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Mantha or Nyquist.

Take your pick Detroit, one of them has to be coming back, preferably Mantha.

There's a reason an intelligent team like Detroit wants Edler. His ceiling is very high and is still young. Unless Detroit is willing to pay up, keep Edler.

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I would trade Edler for Nyquist straight up. Then we draft Nylander.

Imagine a future top 6 of:

Nyquist Nylander Kassian

Shinkaruk Horvat Jensen

why on earth would people want to get small skilled forwards in a division where a bigger players are ruling the roost? I'm not saying we get the broadstreet bullies but we don't need soft players in a tough division. I don't get the reasoning. Get some size which is available in this draft, then get the skilled players either in trade or next draft. Get Ritchie or Tuch while they are available. We all know how small skilled forwards like Raymond and Schroeder panned out.

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No way benning moves edler for just mantha. Edler came off a crappy year but he is a former all star and outside of last year is proven to be a stud Dmen signed for believe it or not a great cap hit! Guys on here look at short term and over react all the time...get a grip.

Edler for Mantha, first, and smith minimum. If no, he doesn't get moved.

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