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[PGT] WCE Night | Canucks 5 | Refs+Sabres 2 | Vrby Hatty


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Good game by everybody,I don't think that any Canuck had an outstanding game...Vrbata had a good game,tonight they went in..He's played better than than this, and been snakebitten.

Before anybody gets too carried away with this win,this was the Buffalo Sabres (on a back to back)...Lets see how it is around here after Wednesdays game against the NYR

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Great game! Vrbata looked solid. Really hoping he does well in the upcoming months for the team sake's and also value sake. I must say after his first goal he looked relief to score but almost sad/ready to move on to a different.

Anyway, Miller was great! The defense was better! The Good game mostly from everyone. It was only Buffalo but still we gotta start somewhere to build confidence and maybe make a playoff post

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32 minutes ago, HC20.0 said:

Best game of the year, hands down. Vrbata channeled Naslund there. 


29 minutes ago, Nex is my ex said:

FINALLY. The powerplay was great tonight, not a single canuck on the ice had a bad game, many slumps were broken. Canucks win 5-2. Perfect night in my opinion:)

Yup, it was the best game of the year and PP was by far the best it has looked this year. The were unlucky not to get at least one more PP goal.

But, not to rain on the parade, there were just a couple of negatives. Baertschi really does not look like he belongs in the NHL and Bartkowski made some poor plays.

But it was great to see the 4th line have an excellent game, Vrby obviously had an excellent game, and the twins were again very good. And putting Biega in for Weber on D is a big improvement. And I liked Hutton tonight. His first game back from injury was rocky but tonight he was good.

Would love to have Sam Reinhart on the Canucks. He was very good tonight -- better than Eichel.

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15 minutes ago, Toyotasfan said:

A positive step tonight , but it's BUFFALO, like beating an AHL team. Rangers are up next , they're well coached I hear.

yes, but what you probably haven't heard (from CDC's mopey armchairs) ....so is this team 

that guy well-coaching the Rags used to be the whipping boy around here.

anyhow - I love AV - will be nice to see him back in town.

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