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[PGT] WCE Night | Canucks 5 | Refs+Sabres 2 | Vrby Hatty


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Just now, oldnews said:

yes, but what you probably haven't heard (from CDC's mopey armchairs) ....so is this team 

that guy well-coaching the Rags used to be the whipping boy around here.

anyhow - I love AV - will be nice to see him back in town.

It will be nice to see him back,..and you can be certain that he will have his team ready.

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6 minutes ago, lethal_spaghetti said:

all I want to say is thank you to the rogers arena crowd tonight.

Agreed. Was nice to see them give the boys some love at the end of the game.

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2 minutes ago, Bang Bang Boogie said:

Guys obviously I was the key to this game.  The first game I went to this season, against the Blackhawks, Daniel gets a hat trick.  Tonight, my second game of the season, Vrbata gets a hat trick.

Let me know which game to go to next so a Canuck can get a hat trick.

Go to the next game :P

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My buddy won free tickets, so I was on the home side 4th row and a bit on the corner.  When Vrby scored his second, I facebooked about the fact that I can't throw my hat onto the ice due to the netting if Vrby scored again.  Then the 3rd goal comes, the hats come flying down, my buddy tells me the back door was opened (they were coming out with the buckets to pick up the hats), so i ran there, past a few laughing folks cheering me on, I threw my hat, hit the edge of the open door and came right back at me, but I managed to get it onto the ice behind the net on the second try!  Thought I'd share this.  Wasn't going to screw up my first hat trick experience! 

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Absolute crap reffing... as usual, Burrows is subject to the usual bias.

I thought Miller was a key to the Canucks' success, he made the game 5-2 instead of 5-5.

Great to see Vrbata back to form this night... but can he keep it up?

Good play by the 4th line, Dorsett and Prust were earning their paychecks, Cracknell played his usual excellent game.


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