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Brock or Bo ?


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So. With each passing day it seems Brock is gaining more popularity in Vancouver ....here on CDC. Seems not that long ago Bo was in those same shoes. 


For me, I would have to say Bo is still an overall better player but Boeser is probably my favorite.

So my question for you today, just to satisfy my own curiosity and to spark some good conversation is, whos your favorite and why??


Not trying to start any controversy by the way as I'm sure we all love them both.


Cheers and thanks.

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Boeser because he exactly what this club needs.  Bo will have a long, average career and brings a strong reliable presence to the club but isn't a star and likely never will be.  Brock already is a star, and rarely do first year stars do what Selanne did, most take a few years to peak..Eighty points is tough to do right now for anyone ( just ask Crosby) and even 75 puts you in the top thirty overall, if not the top twenty, something Boeser could still achieve this year and only go up from there.


He's got the potential to break 100 one day, and be the new Stamkos scoring 40 plus perrenially, give him a bona fide top ten center and watch him tear it up.   Rarely are Canuck fans treated with a rookie like him, he's the real deal and can score with any linemates as we have already seen.


Horvat is already living in his shadow, and ideally should be our second line center.  Nothing wrong with that, nothing at all.


Horvat is a key part of the next core though, his work ethic and professional attitude will help guide the next crop of guys once the Sedins retire, much like Potvin did with the Islanders.

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Bo is always going to be my guy. I just love his play style. He plays just like how I wanted to play growing up, (except much better of course). Brock is looking like he has the higher ceiling though. I mean guys, Brock is not an elite skater. He's good, don't get me wrong, but if he can do what Bo did after his rookie year and add that acceleration and boost to his first few strides, Brock is going to be a special player in this league. The thing is, he's one of those guys whose already physically mature like Bo was. He's got the muscle and the size. He just needs the coaching and relentless hours like Bo had to refine his stride to give him the most jump.


Still, Bo is going to be my favorite, and I still think Bo should be the captain once Henrik steps down. Brock will be an excellent A, but Bo needs that C. Don't cause any drama and give it to Brock, the man has already earned it.

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27 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

Really tough call.


I'd say Horvat overall the better player and more integral the teams success imho.


Boeser has better offensive instincts and is the sexier player though. A true offensive superstar.


So, in closing, I can't choose :/

Ditto. Horvat is the more complete player and likely always will be. But Boesers scoring talent is clearly better. 


I still maintain Horvat is an elite 2nd line center.  I think Boeser has already proven himself as a first line winger and given his immediate impact (which is incredibly rare) it is hard not to assume he will be at the top of the league in scoring through his prime.


Both kinds of players are invaluable.

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I personally will always lean towards Bo. I have been a fan of him since his Jr. Hockey days and when we made the pick to draft him, I swear my head hit the ceiling. My parents got me a Horvat jersey for my birthday before he had even scored a goal in the NHL. He is my guy. He is the future captain. That being said, I love Brock. He has so much character and a poise that I haven't seen from a young Canucks player ever (mind you im not that old). As for ceilings, I would say undoubtedly that Boeser has a higher one. I do however believe that both will represent their respective nations at an Olympics one day (If the NHL ever goes back).


Boeser is our Kane (minus the douchebag)

Bo is our Toews

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