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[GDT] Nucks @ Preds 04/04/19 5pm -- Alex Biega Turns 31 Edition


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 1166798993_CanucksRoster.thumb.png.8600bbf99a41376165c2ca39d7d98fa6.png       Preds.thumb.png.e28d012d28b656256b698358a7bb3541.png































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12 minutes ago, canuckfromlangley said:

Awesome GDT. Love the picture of Botch. :lol: GCG

The guy actually thinks that openly lobbying for #FireBenning is considered journalism...

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I gave up on team tank a couple games ago.   It’s too late.   They blew it.  


These last few games have been fun.  

Nice way to end a decent year.   


Im rooting for another Canucks win.  


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Nice GDT!


The Canucks might climb a bit in the standings with the wins, but I don't mind. I like watching a good game and seeing them win. They play hard and seeing them celebrate at the end is nice. It's going to give them motivation for next season. The balls drop in less than a week, so here's hoping the Canucks get some luck on their side this year. If not, and they end up picking #10-12, so be it. There should still be some real good players hanging around there (Boldy, Krebs, Caufield, Soderstrom, etc.)


Canucks are playing spoilers these days. This will be a tough road game, but they'll prevail


VAN - 3

NSH - 2

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Like what BO said, “we dont care about stupid draft picks, we play to win every game”, canucks organization just put the C on BO already please, this guy is a clear leader in the locker room and Petey and Boes already calls him Captain.


lets finish the season out strong boys!


Go Canucks Go!!

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Happy Birthday Bulldog! 


And the #FireBotch picture with the skull is GOLD! I think I was laughing for 5 minutes straight.


Sad to know there is only 1 game left after this one. Will miss talking to y’all. :(



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30 for EP40 with the hatty...

30 for Bo with 1 goal vs NSH, and 2 goals vs StL

30 for BB6 with 2 goals vs NSH and 2 goals vs StL


6-3 vs NSH

4-0 vs StL ...Marky with the goose egg...I did not say the "S" word.



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Nashville has not looked particularly convincing this year.  There was the injury excuse earlier in the season but they continue to look rather average.


They still haven't found lines that work either.  Granlund has 4 points in 14 games since the trade.  Simmonds has 2pts in 15 games.  

Since 1 January Nashville's PP is the worst in the league at 9.7%.  They are too reliant on the point shot from their Ds and numbers show that trying to beat goalies from that far out is inefficient.  


Their Ds are at 192pts so far while last year they eclipsed the 200pt mark.   Canucks's Ds have 131pts.  


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